Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 28 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, & Platform To Read!

The cuteness in the anime, where it holds the part of cute friendship, between the humans and the animals, is something that will take away the hearts of almost every age group reader. Manhwa series are masters in luring their readers, with their uniquely attrcative plot and characters in it. This makes it a major part of being the most-sold or most-read novel these days. 

Solo Farming in the Tower, is one such manhwa series, released very recently, and a weekly novel, that releases its new chapters on Thursdays every week. And their fans wait for this day eagerly to know what is going to happen next in the lives of our cute little bears and their masters. Yes, you heard it right, this is the story involving the baby bears, those are going to make you laugh out loud, but also are going to help their masters in farming.

Well, do you feel amazed at knowing more about the series, you’re at the right place. the article by the end of it will give you all the points covered regarding the series, including its new chapters’ release date, spoilers, and the platform to read it quickly. So let us head on to the article and the manhwa of course. 

Solo Farming in the Tower Chapter 28 Release Date

The new chapters of this manhwa, Solo Farming in the Tower are scheduled to release new chapters on Thursday of every week. This time, the fresh Chapter 28 is set to be released on September 21, 2023, on their official website, Naver. 

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Previously In The Series

Solo Farming in the Tower, introduces us to a man Theo, an investigator Zerath, a friend of Theo, Sejun, and his little baby bear. The four are interlinked with each other, and the entire series revolves around them. The story begins introducing them to the readers, and when heading towards the series further, we find Theo a boy, who asks for discounts at every shop like mothers. Zerath is investigating Theo, as his sales have increased these days, and they fear he is in partnership with the goblin and his scams. while, Sejun and his baby bear, are indulged in farming.

In the previous chapters, we saw Zerath going behind Theo, to know about his scam and whether or not he is involved with Goblin. And finds it cheap for a boy, to ask for discounts everywhere, even at the shop including discounts already, leaving behind every Asian mother, she feels. Theo bought a straw cap to gift his friend Sejun, we feel. Zerath is now following him to his home, as she feels he is involved with a goblin for buying the same cap as him.

On the other hand, it’s Sejun, who is indulged in his cave farming, but now wants to exceed his farming and it is never easy. Because the land away from the cave is full of stones, but luckily he has a baby bear, who can help him clear the land, which is not easy though, but still they can do it. He thus gives the bear a sweet potato, which the bear loves eating, and tries to grow it, by digging under the ground, making the readers and Sejun laugh holding their stomachs tight.

Chapter 28 Plot Prediction

In the last chapter 27, we saw the cute action of the baby bear. trying to grow sweet potatoes for him. But this time, in the upcoming chapters, we will see Sejun teaching the baby bear some basic rules of his farm, and giving some more knowledge about being on his farm and farming too, so that it will not be a mess like earlier.

The action of the bear being taught by Sejun, and learning the farming techniques, will be fun reading. Moreover, Sejun must teach the bear not to eat anything without permission, or else everything will be cleared up before growing by the baby bear. Well, let us just wait for a few days to know what is gonna happen next in the new chapters with the baby bear and Sejun’s farms. 

Platform To Read The Series

Solo Farming in the Tower, your favorite and most loved manhwa is available on their official page, Naver Webtoon in raw, and Naver Series in translated. 

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