I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter Chapter 123 Release Date: Spoilers & Recap

This world might seem equal, but it becomes significantly difficult if you are here without a father. It becomes hard for people like them, and most of the time their childhood gets traumatic. I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter tells a similar tale.

The story revolves around our protagonist who is a boy without a father. When he was young, his uncle adopted him. But his childhood is not something he is a big fan of. Now that his uncle is dead, he is taking care of his daughter. The basic concept of the manhwa is heart-touching and the fans have loved it till now. They want to know about the release date of I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter Chapter 123.

I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter Chapter 123 Release Date: Official Update

If you have read a lot of mangas and manhwas, you already know that most of the time, it’s either a fantasy romance story or an action-packed tale that dominates the web pages. But in I Become a Fool When It Comes to My Daughter, the creators tell us about a wonderful relationship between a father and a daughter. It depicts how the father takes care of her despite all the adversities that keep coming their way. This beautiful story captured a lot of hearts.

Since the release of its first few chapters, the manhwa started to gain a good fanbase. Where the story is good and somehow you can understand the situation through the eyes of the characters, you will read any story no matter what the reviews are. This has happened with I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter and the readers have appreciated the manhwa from their heart. Now, a lot of the otakus and manhwa readers want to know about an upcoming chapter. What is I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter Chapter 123 release date?

The chapter is going to be here much sooner than you all are thinking. I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter Chapter 123 release date is 20th September 2023. Indians will get this after 8.30 p.m., Wednesday. This release date remains the same for regions like New York, Singapore, Japan, Australia, the Phillippines, and Korea. Wednesday will be the day when the upcoming chapter will be available to read. Since the manhwa crossed a hundred chapters long ago, there is no chance for the release date to get delayed.

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I Become a Fool when It Comes to My Daughter: A Beautiful Tale

Our story initially revolves around Lee Juwon, who grew up without a father. Life has been pretty hard on him. From the introductory part of this article, you can already imagine how tough his childhood must have been. Although Lee Juwon was adopted by his uncle, this was just the beginning of his miseries. Little Lee Juwon did not know anything about the world when his father left him. So, someone had to step in and be his guardian. But unfortunately, his uncle could never be the guide Lee Juwon deserved in his life.

Lee’s uncle was a drunkard who always came home in a wild state. Lee had to face a lot of abuse. In fact, his uncle abused his own little daughter, Yeondu. When his uncle died, Lee Juwon took up the responsibility of his daughter. Lee did not want Yeondu to face this side of the world. He never wanted her to go through the darkness and trauma he had to go through. He made Yeondu the purpose of his life. Their bonding is what makes this manhwa worth a read. In Chapter 122, we see a heartwarming part of the story.

Lee Juwon has come back to take Yeondu with him. This sweet gesture means a lot to the child. On the other hand, we see Seeyeon meeting Lee Juwon once he goes there. He appears very excited about the new car purchased by Lee and starts to ask him questions. To make the conversation more heartwarming, Lee Juwon smiles and says that he has purchased the new car only to pick up Yeondu and Seeyeon. The duo keeps making fun of each other through conversations.

What Can We Get from Chapter 123 And the Reading Platform Of The Manhwa?

In the next chapter, we might see more playful exchanges between Seeyeon and Lee Juwon. As the story will keep on progressing, the relationship between the duo keeps improving. In Chapter 123, we might see them developing their friendship more. As Seeyeon and Lee Juwon spend more time together, their bond will be stronger than ever. And the father-daughter bonding between Lee Juwon and Yondeau will probably have a heartwarming progress in the upcoming chapter.

For now, let us not speculate anything. These are just probable spoilers and not confirmed. It will be better for us to wait till I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter Chapter 123 release date arrives. If you want to read the manhwa on the Kakao Page website by clicking here.

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