Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return Chapter 68 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Stories that talk about redemption are truly some of the most beautiful arcs out there. If someone realizes his blinders and becomes the hero he was meant to be, that’s actually beautiful. Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return tells us such a story.

The manhwa revolves around the life of a warmonger. He was locked away from stepping into this world and now, he is back in his form. This time, he wants to save the world. Fans loved this manhwa and the creators have also noticed the increase in readership. The readers want to know about the possible release date of Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return Chapter 68.

Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return Chapter 68 Release Date: What Do We Know

If you are an avid Manhwa reader, you must have heard or read Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return. This manhwa has managed to captivate the hearts of readers who love action sequences and a good storyline together. Although this can be still considered a pretty new manhwa, the creators will soon reach a hundred chapters. If they manage to keep the storyline as fresh and as gripping as it is now, Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return might also reach a total of 200 chapters.

This manhwa tells us the story of a fallen war hero. He was so overpowered that he was banished from entering society again. Now that he is back, he will use his battle skills to fight people who belong to the darkness. Since this is a redemption arc, this has gained the likes of a lot of readers. A lot of the fans are asking about an upcoming chapter. So, what is Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return Chapter 68 release date? Is it coming sooner? Before telling you about the plot, I will take some time to answer these questions.

Yes. The upcoming chapter will be here soon. Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return Chapter 68 release date is 19th September 2023. Indian fans can read it after 8.30 p.m., Tuesday. The release date will be same for people across regions like India, Central and Eastern Europe, Singapore, New York, and the Philippines. But if you are from Japan, Korea, East Indonesia, and Australia, for you all, Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return Chapter 68 release date will be 20th September 2023. You’ll get this new upcoming chapter on Wednesday.

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Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return: Story And Recap Of The Manhwa

At the start of this article, I have told you the background of the story. The manhwa shows us the life of Duan Yuxian. He was the god of war and Duan was too powerful for every other fighter around him. But as it says, if you have power, you have to use it responsibly. Otherwise, you are bound to face the consequences soon. The same thing happened with Duan Yuxian. His terrible tactics led him to a point where Duan Yuxian was banished and locked away from society.

After 1000 years of banishment, Duan is finally back. This new martial world does not know him or his abilities. As he moves around to explore how much the world has changed, Duan finds a little girl called Xiaomei. She is almost dying but he saves her and takes her as a family. But soon, other factions from the Martial World start to interfere – they refuse to let Duan and Xiaomei live in peace. So, Duan Yuxian must take up the mantle of the godly warmonger he was before. In Chapter 67, we see him showing off his greatness.

Sa Dohak is attacking Duan – for all these days, he has always refused to accept that Duan is strong. So, Duan had to prove himself. Although Sa Dohak puts all his strength while swinging his famous sword, Duan stops the weapon with only two of his fingers. Despite all Dohak’s efforts, Duan Yuxian emerges as the winner. Dohak’s skills and perks are nothing in front of Duan. But when they stop fighting, Duan Yuxian discovers some footprints. Someone was keeping an eye on him.

What Can You Read In Chapter 68 And Where To Read This

In Chapter 68, the story will lead to a point where we will see that the Sword Emperor’s family is going through the utmost crisis. Namgyung Sohe, who happens to be the Sword Emperor’s granddaughter is not seen anywhere. She is missing for some reason and the Namgyung family is anxious. We can also see some moments between the waifu and Duan Yuxian. But if am not wrong, after understanding the context of the story, I think Chapter 264 will show us just the moments between Somi and Duan Yuxian.

But for now, let us not speculate any further regarding this upcoming chapter. You can read the previous chapter until Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return Chapter 68 release date arrives. If you want to read the manhwa, you can go to Kakao Page by clicking here.

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