Is Netflix’s Wrestlers Based On A True Story? Know The Truth About The Show!

Docuseries are interesting to watch because they uphold true stories most of the time. The most interesting docuseries that Netflix has come up with is Wrestlers. The docuseries Wrestlers has been released recently on Netflix. People who have watched all seven episodes of the series have asked if the story of Wrestlers is based on a true story, or whether it is scripted. What is the truth? Here, we will try to render you all the information that we have collated so far. You will have to read this piece of information to know your answers.

Is Netflix’s Wrestlers Based On A True Story?

As has been mentioned above, most docuseries are based on true stories. So, what is going on with Wrestlers? Is Netflix’s Wrestlers based on a true story? The answer to this question is Yes. Netflix’s Wrestlers is based on a true story about the Ohio Valley Wrestling. OVW was established in 1993. OVW is based in Louisville, Kentucky. This is a real place, and since the docuseries revolves around OVW, we can be sure about the fact that Wrestlers is based on true incidents. However, there are a few things that you should know about the docuseries.

Although the incidents shown in the docuseries are real, not all of them are. Some of the stories are scripted which has been done strictly for the entertainment of the audience. We have two such cases. The case of HollyHood Haley J and her mother has been scripted. Extra drama has been added to the original story so that people can feel entertained. Although the storyline set up between then is not entirely scripted, some parts of it have been scripted by the docuseries in order to achieve more viewership.

The other case revolves around Mahabali Shera. Mahabali Shera and James Storm are shown to have a friendly encounter between them. However, that is not the real scene. They were never friends of each other. Therefore, the tussle that has been shown between these two parties is kind of scripted. Again, it is not entirely scripted, but minor changes in the storyline have been made in order to arouse transient feelings among the viewers. The creators of the show have kept this in mind if they can make the docuseries look appealing, it will gain more viewership which will turn out to be profitable for them in return.

Wrestlers Storyline

It has been mentioned above that the storyline of Wrestlers is based on true incidents and that this whole docuseries revolves around Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). This company exists in real-life and it has been quite famous among people who love pro-wrestling. It is from OVW that Pro-Wrestling developed. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is formed under OVW. Now you know what OVW actually is. This is an important organization in the world of wrestling. The docuseries made on OVW is absolutely real.

OVW once included John Cena, Dave Bautista, Brock Lesnar, The Miz and many other known wrestlers. The docuseries has showcased the struggle of OVW. The docuseries has upheld the time when OVW faced problems with funding. Various people have helped in the development of OVW since then. This company cannot fail as it has been the birth-ground of WWE. Although it has hit difficult times, famous personalities are helping in the revitalization of OVW. The docuseries captures the entire journey of OVW. If you are a fan of pro wrestling, we are sure that you are bound to find this recent show interesting and engaging enough.

Wrestlers Cast And Crew: Behind The Scenes

The cast of the show includes Al Snow. Al Snow is an important personality for OVW because he is the one who is helping in the revival of OVW. He is the main head behind the entire journey. Al Snow also plays a crucial role in the entire docuseries.

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The other members of the cast include Ca$h Flo, Mr. PEC-tacular, Freya the Slaya, HollyHood Haley J, Mahabali Shera, The Amazing Maria James, and Matt Jones.

This documentary series has been a creation of none other than Greg Whitely. Whitely was the main head behind the show.

Wrestlers Trailer And Streaming Platform

If you want to watch the trailer for Wrestlers, worry not. You can click on the link given above to watch the trailer if you have not still now.

As for the streaming platform, you can stream Wrestlers only on Netflix. You will have to have a subscription to the platform before you watch the show.

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