Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Have you ever listened to those stories where the life of a child is affected by his mother? The mother is starting to get highly protective and possessive of her own son. Things are happening in such a way that his life gets badly affected. This is the premise of Chi No Wadachi.

Usually, mangas that depict action-packed scenes or romance fantasy stories are loved the most. But here, this manga tells us a tragic story. The plot revolves around Seiichi Osabe. Seiichi is a boy who wants to live his life freely as every other person deserves. He is in school and wants to have a good time with his friends and everyone around him. But one situation changes Seiichi’s views on his parents forever. 

Fans have shown their love and appreciation towards this manga. They have shown their support through all this time. Now, they are curious about something. What can be the release date of Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153?

Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 Release Date: Everything We Know 

Whenever you start to know about a manga, the first thing that comes to your mind is the storyline. If there is no strong and well-built story, after a few chapters, the manga will lose its weight. The readers will stop connecting with the plot and hence, the creators will start to lose readership. This manga has managed to be successful. Of course, with a hundred-plus chapters in its bag, Chi No Wadachi has impressed the manga readers.

Now, fans and manga forums have asked an important question. What is Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 release date? Will it be the final chapter of this manga? Before talking about the story of Seiichi, let me answer these questions before. Yes, we are going to have a new chapter soon. Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 release date is 4th September 2023 in Japan. Indian Otakus will get the new chapter after 6:30 p.m. on Monday. 

As of now, the creators have not disappointed us with any of their chapters. Stories have been quite gripping till now. We hope that they will definitely impress us all with what they publish in Chapter 153. Seiichi might appear a bit happier or his life might take a new turn. If you have read this manga, you already know about the story. But still, before speculating more about the latest chapter, I will take you through a short recap.

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Chi No Wadachi: Story And Recap Of Chapter 152

The manga takes us into the everyday life of a boy. Seiichi Osabe is a middle school student who loves to spend time with his friends. In his school, Seiichi likes a girl too. But just like every other boy, he does not have the guts to ask her out or propose to her. Now, everything seems right, doesn’t it? You can relate to this because this is what life normally should be. But this is where the real twist comes. Seiichi’s life is not so alright even if it seems.

One day, one particular incident changed everything. Till the day before, Seiichi Osabe always loved how his parents took good care of him. He was so fond of his mother. But with that one incident, he found out how overprotective she was. Fast forward to Chapter 152, Seiichi is not living a happy life. But somehow, Yuiko has come to his town with her husband. Since she used to play with Seiichi, Yuiko has gotten pretty emotional after coming back to the same old places.

Yuiko and her husband started to explore the place. She told him about Seiichi. She really had a crush on him and the duo were kind of together for some time. When her husband asked Yuiko more about this, she said that she did not even remember his face. She doesn’t even know if Seiichi is alive. On the same night, Seiichi appeared in Yuiko’s dreams. He visited her and somehow Yuiko started to believe that Seiichi was there somewhere. Seiichi is in good health and they will meet soon.

What Can We See In Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 And Where To Watch It

Since everyone believes this to be the last chapter of the manga, we might get to see a happy ending. Seiichi and Yuiko had dated in the past for some time. So, when Yuiko came back to their town, she could relive her memories. She started to remember all her days with Seiichi when she used to play with him in those alleyways or houses. We can see Seiichi Osabe getting the happy ending that he always deserves.

But in the end, these are all speculations. To know what happens, we will have to wait till Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 release date comes. If you want to read the manga on Shogakukan, click here.

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