Otherworldly Skeleton Evolution Chapter 2 Release Date: When Can We Expect The Next Instalment To Release?

After the successful completion of the first chapter of this series, fans are waiting for the next chapter. It was a hit as the readers were pretty much engaged with the first chapter. Now everyone who has read the first chapter is waiting to know about the story ahead. We are talking about the new manhwa series ” Otherworldly Skeleton Evolution”. After a must-read chapter 1 of the series, now the writers and publishers are looking forward to releasing the next instalment. Fans are also eagerly waiting for the news of the Otherworldly Skeleton Evolution Chapter 2 release date. In this article, we have given the information of the release date and also about the series. So readers who want to know about the second chapter release date should read this article till the end.

Otherworldly Skeleton Evolution Chapter 2 Release Date

This highly anticipated chapter’s release date is now officially declared. So chapter 2 of the series will be released on 1 September 2023. Now readers who are anxiously waiting for the next chapter can set their countdown. Obviously, it will be released at different times according to different regions. So people who are waiting to read this chapter should know the timing for their region. There is no official site where this new chapter will be released till now. However, Webtoon and Kakao platforms have the first chapter and other manga series as well.

What To Expect?

Till now nothing has been said officially about the plot but we can assume and expect things. It will surely be the continuation of the story from the end of the first chapter. There are no spoilers available yet. Readers have to wait to know about the storyline of chapter 2. It will be possible to know the story only after it gets released. However, after the spectacular first chapter, it can be assumed that the second chapter will also be the same. It will also be a good chapter with fantastic artwork and an intriguing plot line.

What Is The Series About?

This is the story of a boy named Jiang Cheng. He is the lead character of this series. Now according to the story, he was a pro gamer. But now he has been transformed into a skeleton. This is a tragedy that has happened to him and till now he hasn’t able to figure out how it happened. The story is set in 2025 which is the open beta of Great Wasteland. This game is fully realistic and it’s open-world gameplay.

After the launch of this game, millions of gamers went wild and they got very excited. This game consists of magic and swords which are loved by every human and they have fascinating aspects. Now this game made such fantasies into reality. So every gamer indulged in playing this game. There are millions of missions available in this game and also there are a lot of jobs. Every online gamer is now trapped in this virtual gameplay where they can explore their fantasies.

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Chapter 1: A Recap

After the launch of the game, it got very popular in the gaming world and a lot of orders came to the producers of the game. There are thousands of Beta testers who are assigned to check the game. One of these beta testers is Jiang Cheng and these testers have to work for many hours due to the increasing demand. Jiang wakes up and finds himself transformed into a skeleton. He sees that a girl is asking for help from him from the Zombified wolf shown in the starting.

After this incident, he got to know that this place is not the afterworld but is the Great Wasteland game. This Zombified wolf is a carnivorous animal and he is there in level 2. Also, the weak spot of this wolf is his neck. During the beta test, he killed many of these wolves by hitting them in the neck. But this time when he wants to kill it, it easily takes his hand off him. To his amazement, Jiang finds out that he has become very weak and this is not like his character in the beta test. Now he has learned that he has become a beginner skeleton soldier. In the last scene, we see that Jiang wants to lift a sword to attack the wolf. But the wolf kept its foot on him.

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