Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 152 Release Date: When Can We Expect The Return?

This generation has become full of manga series as they are loved by everyone. There are many popular manga series which are read by the readers. These series have a different and unique story and also fine artwork. Manga series have lured readers towards them. Now, in this article, we will be discussing a manga series that has become famous. The series we will be talking about in this article is “Mercenary Enrollment”. It has already released 151 chapters that have been acclaimed by readers. Fans are now looking forward to the Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 152 release date. Fans have to read this article fully till the end to get knowledge about this series and also the next chapter’s release date. All the answers to the questions asked about this series are given in the article below.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 152 Release Date

Now the wait for the awaited chapter of the series has been over. This news has been confirmed that chapter 152 is going to be released soon. So fans now just have to set their clocks on the specific timings of the release. So chapter 152 of this series is going to be released on 2 September 2023. Readers who were very anxious to know about the story ahead can relax now. Finally, we can read the story further which has won our hearts.

As the release date and time is set according to Korea all other regions will have to look for the specific timing. This series is available to be read on Naver Webtoon and Webtoon. People who wish to read the raw series should visit Naver. Those who seek the English-translated chapter have to go to the Webtoon website. Also, readers who want an English-translated chapter have to wait for some time after the raw release.

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Previous Chapter’s Recap

We can read in chapter 151 how Alice started destroying the doors and throwing grenades at them. She throws a stun grenade at them making them blind. When she entered the room she was attacked and knocked down by Ahjussi. But he couldn’t see anything as there was a stun grenade thrown already. Now Alice, without wasting any time, attacked him and shot bullets towards him. Luckily, 081 saved him and made him escape the room. However, Alice kept her search on but she was soon caught by 002. Now both of them start their fight and hide behind some cover. Alice was very disappointed as 081 escaped the room but she now has 002. So she thinks that she won’t let 002 go anywhere.

Alice now talks to 002 and says that he must know about the leader. But 002 didn’t know anything about the leader and was completely clueless. He guesses that Alice is talking about Forrest who has come forward in this game. Now 002 says that it might be Forrest who has created a war between them. But Alice says 002 to stop his acting and the war starts from their end. 002 is completely clueless and this is what he says to Alice. But he said that Forrest is with Mad Dog who is behind all of this. It is he who is chasing them and now he has the support of Forrest.

What Was The Story So Far?

Till now 002 has told Alice about the game played by Forrest. Also, he says that he never wanted a war between them or else he wouldn’t have escaped in the previous chapter. Now as Alive has come to know about Forrest fans now want to know the story ahead. 081 was shot by Alice while he was in the room. Now he is having a lot of pain in the spot where he was shot. After the room scene, we see how Alice taunts 081 about the pain.

She also targets his strong determination and strength. Alice was thought to be from the numbers according to 081. Now 081 is seen guarding the door as if anyone enters he will shoot him down. Ahjussi came to the room and conveyed his anxiousness after he received the call. Upon asking 081 about them, he couldn’t remember any of them but knew that Alice was very skilled. Now you have to read the next chapter to know the story ahead.

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