Merry Marbling Chapter 30 Release Date: When Can We Expect Ian, Hugan, Han And Others To Make A Comeback?

Korean manga series are the next stop for readers as they provide a very intriguing plot. They get positive reviews from the readers and the critics as well. Also, these series have a very high demand among the readers. Stories provided through these series touch the hearts of the readers. In this article, we will be talking about one such series that is “Merry Marbling“. This story has become very popular and it has released 29 chapters till now. After reading these 29 chapters fans are now waiting for Merry Marbling chapter 30 release date. These fans who want to know the release date of chapter 30 should read this article fully. Also, people who want to start with a manga series should read this article to get to know where to start. This article also gives information about the series and where to read this series.

Merry Marbling Chapter 30 Release Date

Fans who were anxious to know about the release date can now relax. It has now been declared that this chapter will be released on 1 September 2023. So fans can now set the countdown to know what happens next in the series. All 29 chapters have been loved by readers and have engaged them. It is due to its incredible storyline and artwork.

Finally, readers who are eager to know what happens next can know it. And definitely, it will be released at different times in different regions. So people who want to read the chapter have to look for their particular timing. One can read the series from Lezhin and Ridibooks. These are the platforms where this series is available completely. But this chapter will be released in Korean and those who want to read it in English have to wait for some more time.

What Happened In Chapter 29?

In this chapter, we can read that Ian is quitting the literature club. He is trying to quit with Yugun finds out. Meanwhile, Han is confused about what to do. According to him, it doesn’t make sense to quit the club without Yugun finding out. Once they quit the club then this news will be spread to everyone. Now Han feels Ian is doing stupidity but Ian is successful in making him believe that everything is under control. He explains further that it is a very generous plan for them to quit the club. This move can make Yugun confess to him. In the next chapter, readers can find out what finally happens to this move. And the next chapter will be full of surprises and twists.

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Merry Marbling Chapter 30: Speculations

This is a series about a boy named Ian who is the most popular boy in the class. This is because once he found a money bag with a lot of money in it. But he is so honest that he gave this money bag to the police and they returned it to the owner. When the owner offered him some rewards he refused to take any. Now this made him very famous all around. According to everyone in Korea, he is a very kind and honest boy. The story is set after some years when Ian has grown up as a perfect high school boy. He is getting good grades, helps everyone in need and has a great personality.

With his nickname, he has become a role model for others. Now there is another boy who is his classmate named Yugun. Yugun has to take a long leave due to his health condition. Ian became the first person to assist him with this.

Further Elaboration

Yugun was an introvert and he had difficulty trusting other people. But Ian was the first person who talked with him. This made Yugun comforted by Ian and now he believes that he is his true friend. But these all come to an end when Yugun comes to know that Ian was paid money by Yugun’s mother. This was the reason behind Ian’s kind behaviour and why he was taking care of him.

Resisting this, Yugun threatened Ian to tell everything to others. But he was thrown into a corner as Ian replied that people wouldn’t believe him as he was a loner. Now Yugun is forced to have a friendship with Ian.

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