Is Carancho Based On A True Story? Let’s Find Out

Films and web dramas surrounding lawyers and their skills are pretty famous. You must have seen ‘Better Call Saul’ – the attorney who always finds a way to win. But Carancho tells us a completely different story. It is about a lawyer/attorney, but the film depicts his redemption arc.

The movie revolves around the life of Héctor Sosa. In the beginning, you will start to get frustrated by his evil and shrewd antics. As the story progresses forward, you will notice a change in Héctor’s ideas about life. He starts to take his job seriously. Instead of scamming insurance companies and agents, he starts to fight for what is right.

The audience was pretty excited when the film was released first. Now, they want to know more. Is Carancho based on a true story? To know more about this topic, please take your time and read this article.

Is Carancho Based On A True Story? Revealing The Truth

Thrillers are always a good genre when it comes to movies. If it’s about crime, then these movies are always enjoyable. Now, whenever we see films like this, the realistic approach towards the plot often makes us believe that these are true. Carancho showcases such a storyline. We get to see Héctor Sosa, an attorney who is gaining money not by his mastery of law, but by scamming. Not only he is getting money from his clients who are hiring him, but he is getting rich illegally. Then only one incident changes his life entirely. After that, Hector only wants to be a helping hand to people who need it. He chooses the path of honesty.

But, is Carancho based on a true story? Was the film somehow adapted from actual events? Let me answer you all before going too deep in the plot. No. Carancho is not at all based on a true story. The movie is totally a work of fiction by the writers. Martin Mauregui along with Alejandro Fadel and Santiago Mitre wrote the plot of Carancho from their imagination. But one thing is for sure. The movie actually upholds a real-life scenario in Argentina. Every year there are a massive number of car crashes and pressure on insurance companies.

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Plot Of Carancho: Story Of The Scammer-turned-hero

Although the plot might seem realistic, as you read before, Carancho is not real. So, the assumption that Carancho is based on a true story is totally false. Now, let us talk about the film here. Héctor Sosa is an attorney who hails from Argentina. He works as a lawyer but if you take a look at his activities, you will find it quite unlawful. Héctor hunts for people who have suffered car accidents. No matter how meagre the accident is, Héctor Sosa finds them and somehow brings them under his control.

Héctor makes them understand that the car crash is not their fault. They do not deserve to pay money so they must file a case against the insurance companies they are under. Now, whenever you apply for car insurance, there will be some rules and regulations. Only under those rules, the company will pay to repair the damage to your registered vehicle. But Héctor manages to find loopholes – he is cunning and he instructs his clients to file claims.

In exchange for this, Héctor earns a huge profit. But one day, he meets Lujàn Olivera – she was a doctor at the trauma ward in the hospital. Héctor somehow started to understand his negative effect on the world as an attorney. Lujàn is on her way to find some security in the job she does. She wants to make a positive change with her work. Gradually, Lujàn and Héctor get along well. The duo is kind of odd, but the film’s plot progresses differently after this happens. As Héctor tries to move from his toxic line of work, his previous partners attack him.

Team Behind Carancho And Where To Watch It

Pablo Trapero produced and directed Carancho – the film came out back in May 2010. Ricardo Darin and Martina Gusmàn play the roles of Héctor Sosa and Lujàn Olivera. Other notable actors include José Luis Arias, Loren Acuña, Carlos Weber, Fabio Ronzano, José Manuel Espeche and Gabriel Almirón.

The film is released in Spanish. Although there are mixed reviews, the movie combines humor, action, reality, and social issues. This 100-minute+ movie is surely a hell of a plot to watch. If you want to watch Carancho, you can go to MUBI by clicking here.

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