Go Away Romeo Chapter 35: Release Date, Recap & Spoiler

Manag and webtoon series have been a major point of interest for all the readers and viewers from different parts of the world. This keen interest of people from different areas has made them transform their publications. Where, earlier the published articles and novels were in Japanese and Korean language only, today they are bound to release and publish novels and series, in the English language as well, for they have so many audiences outside their native town

Today we’ll be discussing such romantic webtoon and manga series, which show the betrayal of a princess, by her prince leaving behind his own son. And he died on the same day as her cousin, which shows the betrayal personality of both. The series we’ll be discussing today is Go Away, Romeo. This is a beautiful, and romantic story between the three main characters of the series: Romeo, Juliet, and Rosaline. 

If you too feel excited to know more about the series, you’re at the right place as we have covered every small thing for you in this article. So continue reading and this article is sure to provide you with everything you must know about the series’ new chapter release, its spoilers, plot, characters, and everything.

Go Away Romeo: Chapter 35 Release Date

After the successful release of 34 chapters of this famous and romantic fantasy tale, Go Away Romeo. Its publishers are releasing chapter 35 of the series in demand of the audience. The series releases its new chapters every Wednesday. 

So chapter 35 of Go Away Romeo is set to be released on the upcoming Wednesday, August 30, 2023, on their official website Webtoon for the readers to read in English. All upcoming chapters of the series will be released in the upcoming Wednesdays for sure.

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Recap Of Chapter 34

The series Go Away Romeo, is a romantic tale of Romeo and Juliet but a sad and pathetic tale of Rosaline, who is betrayed by her own husband and her cousin, by their running away together with each other and dying on the same day. Where Rosaline cries over her loss, she is also happy to be with her little prince, Mino.

Rosalina in chapter 34, seems to be sitting in a bathtub when she is suddenly startled by the thoughts of her past life. she feels how sad it looks to the world, that his husband has betrayed her for her cousin’s sister. She wanted to tell everyone around her, that she was still alive, and things still hurt her, she still cried over the pain but only asked for someone to love her impatiently, and without no boundaries.

At the point of her life when she wanted love and support she met Romeo, who loved her, but left her alone and died on the day of her cousin, Juliet. She was even angry about her betrayal. But now, she thinks instead of being shattered away by the thoughts of her past, she must be strong, and brave and live her life happily for her only protector and reason to live, her son, Mino.

She suddenly gets a call from outside her room, Mino wants to meet you, one of her servants. Rosaline soon comes out of the room, gets ready, and runs to her son. Here, she finds her little prince, Mino dressed up in the unique style of a storyteller. He recites a story of a princess, knight, and dragon to her mom.

Mino says, a princess lives with her son in a tower where a dragon cannot kill them, but they too know they can’t stay there for long as the dragon can grow big and kill them. Mino says, that to help them a knight comes and rescues the prince and princess from a dragon. This reminds Rosaline, of a heartwarming story that made her cry she hugs her son and awards him by giving him whatever he wants for telling such a great story on the occasion of his birthday.

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 35 & Characters Involved

Go Away, Romeo is a manga series that is published on Webtoon, for the readers to read. It has successfully released its 34 chapters and is now going to release chapter 35 soon on August 30, 2023. The series is predicted to introduce, Romeo and Juliet back to the story after their death altogether. It is also expected to have the meeting between Romeo, Rosaline, and Juliet in the upcoming chapters of the series.

The characters involved in the earlier chapters are expected to continue in the further chapters as well, however, some new characters are possible too. The main characters of the series, Go Away Romeo, are Romeo Montague, Juliet Capulet, Rosaline Capulet, Count Paris, and Prince Escalus. 

Where Is The Series Available

The series is available on the official website of the series, Webtoon, along with its new chapter publishing on August 30, 2023, and the earlier ones as well. Fans can read the series here, in Webtoon

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