To Not Die Chapter 100 Release Date: Where Will Heesoo’s Life Take Him In The Next Chapter?

Fans have showered their love and appreciation to this famous manhwa throughout the 99th chapter. The captivating story can just not be ignored. Are you still wondering which novel we are going to cover today? Well, it’s none other than To Not Die. With the extremely interesting and entertaining work done which the makers have done throughout the 99th chapters, it is all set for the 100th one. We can surely expect the century of the novel to be worth reading and to be full of twists and turns. Fans have been waiting for the 100th chapter since the release of the 99th one. Well, we will be discussing the To Not Die Chapter 100 Release Date in this article. Not only that we would be covering many more information on the same in detail.

To Not Die Chapter 100 Release Date

To Not Die Chapter 100 is just around the corner. You must have heard this line enough! Let’s dive right into the point. The 100th chapter is all set to release on the 31st of August, 2023. In case you have not yet read the manhwa, go read and cover all the previous chapters. To save you some time, we have the summary of the previous chapter in brief below. 

The storyline is extremely captivating which will surely blow your mind off. It has received the same amount of love and appreciation from the fans throughout. Keep on reading for more information on the storyline of the previous chapter. In case you are way too excited and curious about the 100th chapter, we have covered a few expected spoilers.

To Not Die Chapter 99 Storyline And Recap

We learn later in the story that this man claims he will spare his grandma if he licks his shoes. He kicked him and said that at one point, he wanted to be like Heesoo when Heesoo actually began doing it. Heesoo is now, however, causing him to lose his last vestige of respect for him, according to him. 

When Heesoo requests this gut, a flashback occurs at the same time. He claims that because it is his birthday, he wants to have lunch with him. When Heesoo asks him whether he remembers his birthday, he responds in the affirmative and presents him with a pricey watch, saying that while looking at these watches, he had been thinking about him. 

He responds that the company he owns is successful while also noting that he runs a narcotics business when Heesoo inquires about where he obtains his money. Heesoo, who is enraged by this and tells him it’s because he dislikes him to distribute narcotics, is upset as a result. He clarifies that while he does understand him, now is not the time to start a fight and that instead, they ought to head to the restaurant that he has already scheduled. 

Further Elaboration

At the same moment, Heesoo takes away the watch he gave him and declares that he has never appreciated his behaviour before beginning to leave. He grabs him and claims that he only wants to be acknowledged by him, but up until that point, he has believed that he has never understood his intentions. He also accuses Heesoo of robbing their group of all its money and of harming the organisation while rounding up all the gang members. It doesn’t matter that he’s the boss; there is no exemption. 

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To Not Die Chapter 100: Speculated Storyline

In case you are excited to know about the 100th chapter, we have information on that too. The new chapter will start from where it left in the previous one. Returning to the present, this man claims that Heesoo could have easily followed his instructions, eliminating the adversary and enhancing the company. He inquires as to what exactly made him so unhappy and whether it would be so difficult for him to inform him how he did well. 

Where To Read?

In case you are wondering where to read To Not Die Chapter 100, you can head straight to WebToon. The new chapter will be made available on its release which is 31st Of August. So at present, you can read the other previous chapters.

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