Olgami Chapter 180 Release Date Increases Excitement Among Fans!

Colloquially translated to Trapped, Olgami is a fantasy romance manga penned by Haemuri. It is sheathed by mature themes including gore, toxicity and abuse. Centred around two churchgoers, Chae-a Han and Yunsu Park, the Korean manga has become a must-read for a wide fanbase. Even though the art is minimalistic and reclines towards a monochromatic-themed palette, the storyline is rather vivid. Its engrossing characters have become the highlight, with the central plot being credited equally for the success of the manga by many fans.

Now these fans are kindling several questions with the most prominent being, “Is Olgami Chapter 180 release date declared?” If you, too, are searching for the answer, here is your chance!

Olgami Chapter 180 Release Date

Haemuri’s Olgami was initially serialized by Naver Series, which is still the host of the Korean webtoon. The author introduced us to Chae-a and Yunsu’s dramatic tale on September 1, 2019. The webtoon continued to enchant the Korean audience but took three years to knock on the screens of non-Korean residents. The English translated version dropped on September 10, 2022. In the meanwhile, several online websites offered English translations and tried to help the thriller manga reach a broader audience.

Ever since its initial release, Haemuri has maintained a rigid schedule and has been publishing a fresh chapter every Sunday. However, he recently went on a three-month-long hiatus and left the English translation to catch up with the Korean webtoon. But now that Haemuri is back, fans are ecstatic to witness the development in Chae-a and Yunsu’s journey.

Olgami Chapter 180 is set to release on August 29, 2023. It will be available on the Naver Series in the Korean language but fans would have to wait a while longer for the English translation.

What Is The Olgami Manga About?

The dynamically engaging Shoujo manga is centred around two contrasting characters, Chae-a and Yunsu. While the two have never interacted before, these churchgoers perceive each other to be noble devouts. But their misconceptions are soon washed away by a tragic accident. Yunsu discovers Chae-a burying a corpse on her way out of the church. However, instead of feeling threatened by Yunsu, the ex-convict resorts to blackmailing her for the crime she didn’t commit. He then starts tormenting her and the duo find themselves submerged in troubled waters.

Behind the atrocious scowls and vicious temper, Yunsu tries to camouflage a vulnerability that haunts him. Meanwhile, the kind-hearted Chae-a harbours some dark feathers in her otherwise bright plumage, too. Due to her sinister past, Chae-a has developed a steel-like armour around herself and no longer succumbs to anybody, not even the man whom she witnessed burying a corpse.

The animosity thickens between the two as they discover Chae-a’s true origin. As it turns out, the otherwise lighthearted and boisterous Chae-a harbours hereditary traits of an Olgami, a shapeshifting creature. This news puts a dent in her resilience but before she could crumble, Yunsu becomes her support system even if it is just for a while.

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Olgami Chapter 180 Plot

Though Yunsu tries his hardest not to let Chae-a unravel his mysterious past, he occasionally blurts out his secrets. On the other hand, Chae-a struggles to embrace her identity and yearns to figure out a way to retort into a human again. However, despite her endless attempts, she fails to achieve success in her endeavour. While Yunsu is evidently toxic to Chae-a, he also uplifts and motivates her to embrace herself and stand up against her family.

In the previous chapter, Haemuri introduced an enthralling character, King Of Beasts, who introduced himself as an Olgami. With this new character in the picture, Olgami Chapter 180 has become highly anticipated. It is expected that this upcoming chapter will unveil the mystery that is King Of Beats, Chae-a’s alleged brother.

Olgami Chapter 180 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is Olgami Manga About?

It is a fantastical romantic manga centred around Chae-a and Yunsu’s tale.

2. Who Is The Author Of Olgami Manga?

The manga is conjured by Haerumi.

3. Is Olgami Adapted From A Novel?

No, Olgami is not adapted from a novel.

4. Is The Olgami Chapter 180 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, the release date for Olgami Chapter 180 has been confirmed by Haerumi.

5. When Will Olgami Chapter 180 Release?

Olgami Chapter 180 is scheduled to be released on August 29, 2023.

6. Where To Read Olgami Chapter 180 Online?

You can read the manga in Korean language on the Naver Series and in English translation on the Naver Webtoon. However, it isn’t confirmed whether Olgami Chapter 180 will be available in English translation yet.

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