King The Land Chapter 18 Release Date Is Finally Greenlit By Choi Rom!

Adapted from Netflix’s massively successful K-drama, King The Land, the titular manga has become a topic of intrigue. Now that Netflix’s series has left the viewers wanting for more, the audience is gravitating towards the eponymous manga. Choi Rom’s King The Land, true to its inspiration, delves into the rom-com genre and tries to weave it through some generic themes. Though the manga is still in its early stages, boasting only a few chapters so far, it has delivered a gripping tale.

The recipient of the credit for this success is the inspiration of the manga and of course, the phenomenal storytelling skills demonstrated by the author. It remains to be seen how far will Choi Rom take the original story he jotted down for Netflix. If you wish to know more about the author’s plans regarding the manga and whether King The Land Chapter 18 release date is confirmed, here is your chance!

King The Land Chapter 18 Release Date

Hailed as the sort-of prequel to Im Hyun-wook’s King The Land, the eponymous manga was first featured on Kakao Webtoon on June 9, 2023. Soon after the K-drama climaxed, Who Made Me A Princess’ author, drew inspiration from it and decided to continue Gu Won and Sa-Rang’s story. So far, the author seems keen on kindling his inspiration and delivering it to the viewers. Given that Won and Sa-Rang’s dramatic tale has garnered millions of fans, the pressure on Choi Rom is tremendous. 

Moreover, Choi Rom’s fanatics are enthralled about his new manga and are looking forward to witnessing what story arcs would he imbibe in it. Due to this anticipation, the upcoming chapter, despite the previous one being rather bland, is being awaited by fans. Now, Choi Rom has confirmed the release date for this new instalment!

King The Land Chapter 18 is scheduled to release on August 26, 2023. It will be available in the Korean raw format on Kakao Webtoon. An English translation is yet to be announced though.

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King The Land Manga Overview

The plot of the manga is ripe with drama due to the major protagonists, Gu Won and Sa-Rang’s operatic lives. The former is an heir to Seoul’s top-rated hotel franchise, The King Hotel, and the latter is an attendant in the same restaurant. When an inheritance battle ensues between Won and his older sister, he has to demonstrate his capabilities as a hotelier but fails to do so. Won, renowned for his rigid attitude and temper, has to seek Sa-Rang’s help to improvise his nonexistent hotel-oriented skills. However, the two have a hard time tolerating each other’s intrusive presence. Their constant bickering becomes a major plot arc, at least for the initial chapters.

As Sa-Rang tries to help Won out, she starts unravelling his layers and discovers a concealed vulnerability to him. But she isn’t alone in her quest either. Won, too, unsnarls the reason behind Sa-Rang’s constant smiles and tries to get a glimpse behind those fake smiles. As Won gets closer to Sa-Rang, he unearths a different shade of her personality, one that isn’t tainted with her endless responsibilities.

King The Land Chapter 18 Plot

While Won oozes the untouchable kind of aura, he battles a raging war with himself. Ever since his mother abandoned him in his early childhood and his family relished in it, Won has become apprehensive of those around him. He faces trouble with trusting anybody, seeks solitude and is wary of everybody, including his own sister. Despite the myriad of issues Won harbours, Sa-Rang cannot help herself but connect with him. However, due to the nature of their relationship and internal convolutions, they try to not pursue their true feelings.

In the previous chapter, Won embarked on a journey to find his mother, whom he distinctly remembers. King The Land Chapter 18 would portray Won’s struggle to discover his mother, who doesn’t want to be found. This upcoming chapter would be sheathed in emotional drama and suspense, it seems.

King The Land Chapter 18 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is King The Land Manga About?

It is a rom-com manga centred around Gu Won, the heir to a hotel franchise and his employee, Sa-Rang.

2. Who Is The Author Of King The Land Manga?

The manga is written by Choi Rom.

3. Is King The Land Manga Adapted From The Netflix Series?

Yes, the manga serves as the prequel to the Netflix series.

4. Is King The Land Chapter 18 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will King The Land Chapter 18 Release?

King The Land Chapter 18 is scheduled to release on August 26, 2023.

6. Where To Read King The Land Chapter 18?

You can read the manga on Kakao Page.

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