The Massively Popular Webtoon, Lookism Chapter 463 Release Date Receives Confirmation!

Delving into the obscured themes of self-loathing and body shaming, the massively popular webtoon has established itself as a pioneer in its genre. Revolving around a high-school student, Park Hyung Seok, this South Korean webtoon portrays several significant yet unspoken story arcs. Lookism is renowned for its no-holds-barrelled approach and distinctive characters that form the base of the webtoon. The author, Taejun Park, doesn’t shy away from addressing the depraved personality of some delinquent high school students and its effect on others.

It is due to the engrossing themes and highly relatable characters that the upcoming chapter of the webtoon has become a topic of intrigue. If you, too, are enthralled about the now-confirmed Lookism Chapter 463 release date, dive in!

Lookism Chapter 463 Release Date

It has been almost a decade since Taejun’s webtoon commenced garnering appraisal for its witty plot. It was first released on November 20, 2014, and has been following a weekly release format diligently. So far, Boku No Kokoro No Yabai Yatsu has been assembled into twenty chapters and is currently on the verge of wrapping up the twenty-first chapter. It has been adapted into a thirty-eight-part Chinese live-action series in 2019. Along with this series, an anime version has also been developed by Netflix in association with Studio Mir. The eight-part animated series, directed by Kwang II Han, premiered on December 8, 2022.

Taejun has released over four hundred chapters of Lookism’s twenty-first volume and will soon wrap up this one as well. Due to this, each chapter of this slice-of-life webtoon has become highly awaited. Now, this upcoming instalment has received a concrete release date. Lookism Chapter 463 is scheduled to release on August 24, 2023. It will be available in both, Korean and English languages on Naver Comic.

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Lookism Manga Overview

Partially inspired by a model, Park Hyung-Seok, the webtoon is helmed by a model himself. Taejun reflects on his own life experiences in his webtoon and tries to publicize the concept of lookism–an umbrella term for body shaming and appearance bias. The webtoon follows a fictional Park Hyung Seok, a chubby Korean high school student. While he is extremely kind-hearted and compassionate, his noble traits remain suppressed under his physical appearance. Hyung-Seok has been a victim of eve teasing throughout his life but his classmate, Logan Lee, takes the bullying to another level.

Hyung-Seok is a plump and meek student who fails to stand up to Logan or any of his bullies. As his mental health starts deteriorating and Park becomes extremely frustrated, he begins taking out his agitation on his mother. Hyung-Seok’s mother, Kim, is a single parent who has to work two jobs to sustain themselves. Upon witnessing Hyung-Seok’s condition, Kim utilizes all her savings to transfer him to Seoul. But before he could resume school in Seoul, Hyung-Seok receives a magical power. According to this ability, Park could shapeshift from an obese and unattractive person to an athletic model.

Lookism Chapter 463 Plot

By daytime, Park becomes Daniel, his attractive alter ego that symbolizes everything he isn’t. Daniel is bold, brave and brazen while Park is timid and weak. While he starts enjoying the development of his personality as Daniel by daytime, Park cannot shed his true self in the nighttime. Though initially, Hyung-Seok rejoices in his current circumstances, he slowly starts to grow wary of them. As he explores the orthodox mindset of those around him, Hyung-Seok becomes determined to not let his secret purge out.

Moreover, Hyung-Seok has now become bitter towards everyone who hails Daniel but downplays himself despite the two being equally generous. Due to his transformed outlook on life, he becomes a model and starts witnessing the extent of prejudice through a grim lens. In this upcoming chapter, Daniel will continue searching for his friend, Park Jin-Young, who has allegedly gone missing.

Lookism Chapter 463 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is Lookism About?

It is a slice-of-life webtoon centred around a high-school student, Park Hyung-Seok, who is agitated about being bullied throughout his life.

2. Who Is The Author Of Lookism Webtoon?

The webtoon is helmed by Taejun Pak.

3. Is Lookism Adapted Into An Anime?

Yes, Lookism is adapted into an anime version by Kwang II Han.

4. Is Lookism Chapter 463 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Lookism Chapter 463 Release?

Lookism Chapter 463 is scheduled to release on August 24, 2023.

6. Where To Read Lookism Chapter 463?

You can read the webtoon on Naver Comic.

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