Where is Steve Vanderbeek Now? Is He Dead Or Alive?

Discovery channels have been proven for years to give truth to the cases lacking behind. Or they have been for many years bringing the truth in front of people who have heard of the crime taking place but after that didn’t ever get to listen to the case further.

The same is Investigation Discovery, a TV show, that is releasing real-life stories of crimes and murders and the truth behind the crimes. The victims, the criminals, and everyone is disclosed in this show. It actually comprises the victim’s family and friends who knew the case closely. 

This time we’re back with the article to let you know the truth about one such murder of a 47-year-old woman, who was killed and her body was buried down between the mountains. The case ran for a decade, as the criminal was not found before this, and when found was punished with imprisonment of 14 years.

So if you too feel excited to know who is the culprit, the criminal, and what is the truth behind the crime. You’re in the right place, we have covered everything in this article to let you know about the crime that took place years back.

Where Is Steve Vanderbeek Now?

Steve Vannderbeek, is the husband of Cindy Vanderbeek, who died in the most suspicious and mysterious ways. She was murdered by her husband while she was leaving for her boat show. And after her missing report was filed in the year 1995, no remains of her were found.

Later, in 2004 investigators found remains in the mountains and matched them with her DNA. And it was in the year 2004-2005 when Steve was finally claimed to be a criminal in his wife’s murders. And due to this, he was sentenced to 7-14 years of imprisonment when he was in his 50s. Now when he is in his 60s he must have completed his sentence of imprisonment and must be living his life somewhere in the town of Maryland or Florida. But as there is no news for his dead or alive, we can’t say anything much about his life and stay. 

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Who Is Cindy Vanderbeek

Cindy Vanderbeek, initially named Cynthia Louis Vanderbeek, was married to Steve Vanderbeek. They both led a happy life and lived in Florida. They sometimes traveled to different places by boat as they held boat shows to sell their goods and merchandise. 

Cindy as stated by her sister Sandra DiFranco, and mother, Camille Catchpole, was about to attend a family function in March 1995, when Cindy and Steve will be stopping in Maryland on their way back to Florida. Cindy was very excited as she was plain the role of her niece’s godmother. And so were the sister and mother excited. 

But their excitement vanished when she didn’t come back to them and later in April 1995, Cindy’s mother and sister filed a report for her missing. It went around a decade when there was no mere information on whether Cindy is dead or alive, and if she is alive where is she residing. Neither the cops nor the family members including her husband Steve had any clue of her existence.

How Did Cindy Vanderbeek Die

After there was no news of Cindy’s existence, her family got scared of what would have happened to their beloved Cindy. On the other side her husband, Steve was seen being so carefree and happy, irrespective of his wife’s missing. Steve was suspected of murdering Cindy as he showed some unusual behavior of stopping back in Cindy’s house and transferring large amounts of money from Cindy and Stev’s joint account and Cindy and Camille’s account.

Still, there was no solid proof or clue to arrest him as the criminal to Cindy’s missing. The case kept ongoing for a decade. When suddenly in the year 2004, the case opened and took a new turn. When the case investigator found news of the dead remains of a lady in between the mountains, where Steve and Cindy were last spotted spending time with each other. 

It was on the autopsy report that the remains were of burial of a woman body from March 22 to March 28, 1995, which matched with the DNA of Cindy. The police soon traced Steve and were arrested in June 2005. The cops investigated and asked him the reason, but the only thing that came out was he and Cindy were deciding to separate their ways as said by Cindy’s sister too. 

Where Can The Show Be Watched?

The episode along with other similar crime stories are streaming on the official website of Investigation Discovery. Fans can watch it here

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