Where Is Emilia Carr Now? What Has She Done? Everything You Must Know

Murders are a heinous crime, but for years it has been so common. every time one or the other case includes a murder of a human. And that too in jealousy or greed for money or some extra-marital affairs. When it comes to real-life documentaries, people love watching them, but reading such heartfelt cases just blows our minds. 

This time we are back with such a crime case, where the extramarital affairs between the wife and another man and the husband and his ex-fiance, lead to the murder of two children’s mother, in Florida. The scenes took place in the year 2009 and later after years it was decided to keep the criminals imprisoned for their whole life.

Emilia Carr is the main culprit in the story of the murder of the mother of two children. She was arrested soon after the murder along with her companion in murder and both were finally sent to lifetime imprisonment in the year 2017. If you too feel interested to know more about the series, continue reading. We’re sure you would love reading the story. 

Where Is Emilia Carr Now?

Emilia Carr along with her mate and companion, Joshua in the murder of Heather, was arrested in February 2009. Later in the years 2010 and 2011, they were in prison and the case was ongoing. But on December 2010, the jury found Emilia to be guilty of murdering and kidnapping a 26-year-old woman and so she was taken into the final custody o the police in jail.

She still felt will be given bail and will be out of jail. Nevertheless, on May 19, 2017, Emilia was finally sente ced to imprison for the whole of her life. And even her companion Joshua was set to be in jail in April 2012 only. So as of now, Emilia along with Joshua is imprisoned for their lifetime for committing such a heinous crime.

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Who Is Emilia Carr?

Emilia Carr is a criminal and a murderer of a 26-year-old woman and a mother of two children, Heather Strong. Emilia Carr was born in Florida on August 4, 1984, to her mother Maria Zyas, and she had one elder and two younger sisters. the father of the four was a monster-like human, as he was arrested back then for threatening his life and sexually harassing his four daughters.

Emilia’s childhood at home was thus quite scary and abusive to her seeing her father trying to molest her. It was then when she was in school and the same happened rul=ining her life. Emilia was married to two men, of which the first one was arrested for threatening her to kill her ad the second one was imprisoned for doing some wrong things.

The third one with who she got engaged was Joshua Damien Fulgham in the year 2008, but unluckily where she loved Joshua, married Heather Storn in the same year in December. Irrespective of their mutual fight, the three shared a good bond and everything was good between them.

Later things started getting more worse and the relations made the entrance of new people. James Acome lived with Heather, the father of Emilia’s one of the children and also the boyfriend of Heather. Next comes, Christia the mutual friend who claimed that Emilia wanted her help to dispose of Heather’s body after she kills her. This shows how revengeful was Emilia towards Heather. but why was it so? Why was Heather Stonrg killed?

Why & How Was Heather Strong Killed?

After getting married to Joshua in 2018 she filed a case against him in 2009 january for threatening her with gunpoint, making him arrested, and when Emilia asked Heather to take back her case she didn’t do so. This made Emilia angry and since then she decided to kill her.

Jason said in the court it was once when he saw Emilia tried to kill Heather but she was unsuccessful. It was sure she would not be able to do this alone and thus need a partner in crime. When none agreed her ex and her child’s father who was in her womb, Joshua helped her to kill Heather.

Heather was taken to a lonely place with no help, where the two Joshua and Emilia executed their cruel plan and Joshua banged her head with a light. In addition, Emilia choked her neck and nose with a polybag causing her to choke and die. After she stops [ped responding and died they packed her in a suitcase and buried her somewhere, which was later found by the police while investigating the case on March 19.

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