Eleceed Chapter 260 Release Date: Jiwoo And Kayden’s Journey

East Asian people love cats. Since they love cats, they have various myths and stories surrounding them. Eleceed is one such manhwa that deals with cats and other supernatural elements. 257 chapters of the manhwa have been already released by the creators. Chapter 258 had its release date on 10th August 2023 at 12 A.M. Korean Standard Time (KST). What about the other chapters of the manhwa? If you want to know the release dates of the further chapters and more stories about the manhwa, you have come to the right place in search of your answers. Here we are going to discuss the release dates of the next chapters including the story.

Eleceed Chapter 260 Release Date And More

As has been mentioned before, Chapter 258 had its release date on 10th August 2023. When is Chapter 259 getting released then? We have found out that Chapter 259 is going to be released on 16th August 2023 at 12 A.M. Korean Standard Time (KST). Now that we have received the release date of Chapter 259, I think we can talk about the release date of Chapter 260. Chapter 260 has not received its release date as of now. Once Chapter 259 comes out, the release date of the next chapter, that is, Chapter 260 will be revealed soon.

What about the release dates of the other chapters? The release dates of the other chapters have not been revealed as of now. Since Chapter 258 is available in most places now, Chapter 259 has received its release date. Once Chapter 259 comes out, Chapter 260 will receive its release date. Similarly, further chapters will receive their release dates as well. As we move forward with the manhwa, the release dates of the upcoming chapters will be revealed to us.

Will the manhwa be converted into a Korean drama? There is no chance that the manhwa will receive its Korean drama adaptation. If there had been any chance, the creators would have informed us earlier. Since there has been no news that the manhwa will be adapted into a Korean drama, it is safe to assume that the manhwa will not be adapted into one. Also, the storyline of Eleceed is quite supernatural. It is another reason to believe that the manhwa will not be adapted into a Korean drama. Hence, it can be concluded that Eleceed will not receive any Korean Drama version.

Eleceed Storyline

The storyline of Eleceed is quite interesting and intriguing. It revolves mainly around cats and, as has been mentioned quite a few times now, supernatural elements. Here the protagonist is Jiwoo. Jiwoo is a kind-hearted man, and he is pretty soft as a human being if you ask me. He is sympathetic and quite lovely. Jiwoo has a great understanding of cats. He pets kittens, cats and kids. We can say it safely that Jiwoo has an immense love for cats and kittens and kids. He is always seen to be taking care of them.

Kayden is another of the protagonist in the story of Eleceed. He has supernatural powers and fights evil forces. It is during one such fight that Kayden takes the shape of a “chubby” cat in order to evade his enemies. Jiwoo does not have any clue about it, but still, he pets the chubby cat. It is due to his good behaviour towards the cat (actually Kayden) that Kayden grows a strong affection for Jiwoo. Now that Jiwoo has become linked with Kayden, the evil forces might come for Jiwoo as well. What will Kayden do? To know more, you will surely have to read Eleceed.

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Eleceed Chapter 260 Storyline

As of now, the storyline of Chapter 260 cannot be speculated because Chapter 259 has not been released yet. However, we can say that Chapter 259 is going to be engaging and entertaining. It is in this chapter that we will see Kayden fight many evil people just to save Jiwoo. There will be several fight sequences that are going to keep you on the edge at all times. It is just a wait of a few more days before we get Chapter 259. Thus, if you are willing to know what will happen next, you will have to wait for the upcoming chapter, Chapter 259 of Eleceed.

Eleceed Reading Platform

The reading platform of Eleceed is Naver Webtoon. However, Naver gives you the Korean version of Eleceed only. If you are willing to read the manhwa in English, you can read it on Line Webtoon. Line Webtoon only has 225 chapters of the manhwa as of now. They will release the further chapters in the English version soon enough.

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