Miss Gu And Miss Qu Chapter 27 Release Date: Rivalries And Friendships!

When you are doing a job, there will be competition and rivalries. Some of these rivalries can be pretty weird, to be honest. These rivalries give rise to some friendships as well. Today we are going to know about the manhua Miss Gu and Miss Qu. The manhua has received 26 chapters as of now. When will the next chapter be released? If you want to know about the release date of the next chapter and also about some of the stories, you have come to the correct place to know your answers. If you are interested in knowing the information that we have gathered so far, here you go!

Miss Gu And Miss Qu Chapter 27 Release Date And More!

Miss Gu And Miss Qu Chapter 27 Release Date

The release date of Miss Gu and Miss Qu’s Chapter 27 is scheduled on the 13th of August 2023 at 11 pm Korean Standard Time (KST). You can calculate the release date of the chapter in your place by having KST as your reference time. It is only going to be a wait of a few more days before we receive the next chapter of the manhua. Fans are already loving it and are eagerly awaiting the release of the next chapter.

Will the manhua receive more chapters? As of now, the manhua has only received 26 chapters. The release date of Chapter 27 is already out. We think that the manhua will indeed contain more chapters even after Chapter 27. The release dates of the next chapters will be given out as soon as the previous chapters get released. As we progress with the manhua slowly, the release dates of the next chapters will be revealed soon. Therefore, you do not need to worry whether the chapters will be released or not.

Will Miss Gu And Miss Qu be adapted into a drama? This is one question that comes to everybody’s mind while reading a manhua or manhwa or manga. Does not it? This is very obvious indeed. Well, there has been no news on whether this manhua will be adapted into a drama. The creators have not decided anything yet. If they come to any decision about the adaptation of the manga into a drama, they are going to inform us soon about it. Nevertheless, as of now, there is no such announcement. The story of this manhua is favourable for an adaptation.

Miss Gu And Miss Qu Storyline

Miss Gu And Miss Qu Chapter 27 Release Date

As the introduction has already stated, workplace competition is pretty common. Such competition is more evident in the entertainment industry where actors try to climb up the ladder of success as soon as possible. This is the scenario with Miss Gu and Miss Qu as well. Their story becomes way more interesting than just normal workplace competition because they absolutely hate each other. They cannot stand each other but they cross each other’s path all the time. It is frustrating as well as supremely hilarious.

Miss Gu and Miss Qu have an intense rivalry because they share the same name, Xizhi. Since they have the same name, things become complicated for them. Miss Gu cannot stand Miss Qu. Both these ladies have different personalities. Miss Gu hates Miss Qu because she stole her boyfriend and also her name. This pinch of romance into the manhua makes it all the more interesting. Miss Gu is a tsundere lady, as in, she is competitive, and has an extremely harsh personality, but is a soft and kind-hearted person from within. Miss Qu on the other is the “perfect lady”. How will these two form a bond of friendship? To know more, you will have to read the manhua, Miss Gu and Miss Qu.

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Miss Gu And Miss Qu Chapter 27 Spoilers

We have found out that the manhua Miss Gu and Miss Qu’s Chapter 27 has not received any spoilers as of now. The spoilers will be revealed soon nonetheless. As the 13th approaches closer, the spoilers of the manhua will be revealed as well. We can make sure that Chapter 27 is going to be a continuation of the storyline of the manhua. It will be a continuation of Chapter 26 of Miss Gu and Miss Qu.

Miss Gu And Miss Qu Official Reading Platform

The official manhua is available for reading on the website Kuaikan Manhua. However, it is available in Chinese on this website. To read the manhua in English, you will have to click here. We can tell you that you can read the manhua because it is pretty exciting and entertaining.

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