Where Is Muthulakshmi Now? Is She Still Harassed By The Tamil Police? 

Do you remember the most wanted criminal in Tamil Nadu? This man ruled the poaching and smuggling world for a total of 3 decades. A brand new Netflix docuseries revolving around the compelling life of Koose Munisamy Veerappan has recently caught our attention. If you still haven’t watched The Hunt for Veerappan, then what is holding you back? The whole journey of Veerappan has been summarised here. Not only did we learn everything about the infamous smuggler, but we also had a chance to peep into his personal life. Speaking of his family, how can we not talk about his beloved wife? Despite hearing everything about Veerappan’s criminal records, Muthulakshmi did not mind marrying him.

Their love story was quite interesting, but we cannot ignore the fact that Muthulakshmi’s married life was shattered by Veerappan’s crime. Sources even say that Muthulakshmi’s father was not very fond of Veerappan, he was totally against their marriage as well. But ultimately, they decided to run away and start a life of their own. They also share two children together! Muthulakshmi’s deep love for her criminal husband has been questioned by many. But it seems like Muthulakshmi couldn’t care less. Shockingly enough, she was also arrested many times because of Veerappan. Coming to the main discussion of the day, here is everything you need to know about Muthulakshmi. 

Where Is Muthulakshmi Now? Is She Still Harassed By The Tamil Police? 

Where Is Muthulakshmi Now? Is She Still Harassed By The Tamil Police? 

From a very young age, Veerappan was charged with serious crime records, which explains what kind of a lifestyle he follows. But Muthulakshmi preferred to see the other way around. For the whole legal system, Veerappan was the most wanted criminal in Tamil Nadu, but for Muthulakshmi, he was nothing less than a martyr. Even when he died, Muthulakshmi and a bunch of his relatives stood strong to support him. Moreover, all the wrong allegations which were imposed on Muthulakshmi were never really proven in court. Thus, her husband might be the wrong man, but she is innocent and kind. 

Both husband and wife were voicing up for the farmers and tribal people! After Veerappan died, Muthulakshmi was in chronic depression. She had even tried to commit suicide. The story doesn’t end here as Muthulakshmi was not ready to give up so soon. Now that her husband was dead, she decided to keep his mission alive. She started taking part in various social service activities. In the year 2006, we also saw her as a strong candidate for the Tamil Nadu election. But ultimately, she couldn’t win over the political power dynamics of the system. 

Since 2006, she has been working for the betterment of farmers and their lands. A few years back, particularly in 2018, she even formed a common group named “Mann Kaakkum Veerathamizhar Peramaippu”. This committee of brave Tamil individuals was mainly made to demand the supply of fresh water from the government. Again in 2019, she officially became a part of the Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai political party. Speaking of her recent whereabouts, sources confirmed that the social activist still resides in her house in Salem, Tamil Nadu. 

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Where Is Veerappan’s Dead Body? 

Where Is Muthulakshmi Now? Is She Still Harassed By The Tamil Police? 

We have already talked about Veerappan’s tragic death! But even after dying, there was a huge chaos created around his dead body. Initially, Veerappan’s body was supposed to be cremated! This was the original decision of the police department. But then comes the story of Veerappan’s relatives and wife, they started voicing up against the system. Interestingly, the man who was charged with killing 184 people and 900 elephants was not very much criticized by the common public. In fact, many thought Veerappan to be a good human being. 

Coming back to his dead body, upon heavy objection from the family members, the police were forced to rethink their decision. Ultimately, Veerappan’s body was buried at a place named Moolakkadu. Sources further confirmed that more than a thousand people showed up for the burial ceremony! Veerappan was indeed a major threat to the system because most people he killed were police and forest officers. But we cannot deny the fact that many people actually supported him and the same stood with Muthulakshmi as well.  That’s all for now, to learn more about other intriguing Netflix true crime docuseries, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Where Is Muthulakshmi Now? Is She Still Harassed By The Tamil Police? – FAQs

1. Is Veerappan’s beloved Muthulakshmi still alive?

Yes, Veerappan’s beloved wife, Muthulakshmi is still alive.

2. How many children does Muthulakshmi share with Veerappan?

Muthulakshmi has a total of two children with Veerappan.

3. Was Muthulakshmi’s father against her marriage with Veerappan?

Yes, Muthulakshmi’s father was against her marriage to Veerappan.

4. Is Muthulakshmi a political figure?

Yes, Muthulakshmi is seen as a political figure and social activist.

5. Was Muthulakshmi involved in the kidnapping of Rajkumar?

No, Muthulakshmi was not involved in the kidnapping of Rajkumar. She was charged by the police, but no evidence was found against her.

6. Is Muthulakshmi a domestic terrorist?

No, Muthulakshmi is not seen as a domestic terrorist.

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