Weak Hero Chapter 257 Release Date And Spoilers!

You don’t have to be an otaku to fall in love with the Manhwa Weak Hero. If you are someone who is totally into fights and spectacular action sequences, you must check this out. Weak Hero, written by Seopass has become extremely lovable among the manhwa communities.

In our life, a lot of us have faced bullies at school. Sometimes it’s the physical ragging or sometimes, it’s the words that can hurt you the deepest. In our manhwa, the story revolves around Grey Yeon, who is trying his best to save everyone from the cruel. He gets scared, but he does not back off. Everyone calls him weak, and he is probably not that strong. He cannot stand tall always against everyone. But in the end, the efforts are everything that matters. He calculates his moves to fight against the wrong people.

The manhwa is quite a popular one among fans across the globe. If you are an avid reader, you already know that Weak Hero has over 250 chapters out there now. Fans are quite intrigued about the release date of chapter 257. So, when are we getting the next chapter of Weak Hero? Is the release date approaching soon? To know more about this, feel free to read our article.

Weak Hero Chapter 257 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Apart from live actions and animations, mangas are now known for their fight sequences. The Weak Hero Manhwa has had a successful run that has led us to above 250 chapters right now. The gripping storyline always manages to keep the audience wanting more. We have got chapter 256 in our hands now. But, the way it ended, Chapter 257 must tie the loose strings. Fans were heartbroken at the ending and it has left everyone in a state of shock. 

So, when are we getting the next part? Is Chapter 257 getting released soon? Well, Weak Hero Chapter 257 will be released on August 6, 2023, in Korea. Otherwise, worldwide it’s getting out on 5th August. If you have watched the last chapter, you already know that this is going to be a vital one. A lot of things have gone wrong, so Chapter 257 must solve at least a few of them. According to the sources, Weak Hero doesn’t have a lot to be continued for long.

The creators of this manhwa are overwhelmed by the reaction of the fans. The way Weak Hero has started to gain the attention of everyone across the world is quite amazing. Now all we need is a proper way toward a good ending. Our hero deserves it after all he has gone through. We expect at least 10 chapters more after this and the creators are probably thinking the same. Also, this is our speculation now. Official sources have not confirmed anything regarding this. So, unless Weak hero Chapter 257 release date comes, let’s not think about it too much.

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Weak Hero: Story Of The Cowardly Crusader

As I mentioned before, this manhwa is about our hero, Grey Yeon. He is a symbol of hope for the weaker people around him. Despite being not the usual hunk superheroes, we see in films and other Mangas, our hero mostly has his weaknesses. He cannot fight a villain twice his size, but well well well, he can improvise. No matter how the situation is, he tries his best to save the day. But sometimes, he fails. And this is the day when he failed to save Donald Na.

Chapter 256 shows us the pain in Grey’s eyes. He is in deep sadness because of the sad fate of Donald. If you have not read it yet, be careful of the SPOILERS. Donald Na gets hit by a truck – he might not be dead but his lifeless body just proves how fatal the accident is. It will be of great fortune if Grey gets him back even after this accident. As the truck stops just after hitting him, Grey realizes the gravity of the incident. His doubts regarding his abilities start to rise as he tries to get a hold of the situation. The horror in his eyes as he is looking at Donald, it’s truly saddening.

Chapter 257 will probably show us how Grey tries to save Donald. I know, fewer people live after getting hit by a truck but this is a Manhwa. Usually, a popular character does not have an untimely ending. I hope the author will give Grey his chance at redemption. Unless release date is close, and some spoilers have leaked, nothing can be told for sure. You can read it on the Naver series by clicking here.

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