Nineteen To Twenty Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers And More!

As kids, we always wanted to grow up. This urge to grow up and become adults is the strongest when we are teenagers. It is because, as young adults, the new world appears to be a world of freedom, and we want to gain freedom as soon as possible. The journey from being a teenager to an adult is a gradual one and does not happen overnight. There are various psychological as well as physical changes that our bodies go through during this phase. Based on this transition phase, South Korea is coming up with an interesting reality show that will entertain you a lot. To know more, you will, of course, have to read below. 

Nineteen To Twenty Season 2 Release Date

The new web series that South Korea is coming up with has been titled Nineteen To Twenty. The importance of this name will be discussed later. This show is not going to be a K-drama like usual, but it is going to be a Korean reality show. Here, all the participants are new adults or young adults, to be exact. These participants are required to follow the rules of the game and move forward in each episode. 

Since the first season of the show is getting released on 11th July 2023, there have been questions about the second season of the series already. Is Nineteen To Twenty going to get another season? Your answers will be provided here. 

Currently, the showrunners are extremely busy with the release of Season 1 of Nineteen To Twenty. They will not take up any discussion regarding Season 2 of the show as of now. As a result, the creators have not yet revealed if the series is going to have a second run or not. However, considering the series is released on Netflix, the announcement about the renewal or the cancellation is going to be made soon after the first season is dropped. 

Another factor that we will have to look at is the audience’s reaction. If the audience has a favourable reaction to the first season, the creators will return with a second instalment of Nineteen To Twenty. However, if the reaction of the audience is otherwise, we think that the creators will not return the series. As of now, nothing can be predicted with utmost surety because the first season has not been dropped yet. Unless we reach the end of Season 1, we cannot say if Nineteen To Twenty will return. 

Nineteen To Twenty Story

As the introduction has already stated, it is common and natural for teenagers to have a penchant for adulthood. Since they are on the threshold of becoming an adult, the numerous avenues of the adult world thrill them. Nevertheless, they are unaware of the dangers and the complications that await these teenagers in the adult world. It is interesting to see them deal with these scenarios. To know how teenagers find their purposes in the adult world, this web show, Nineteen To Twenty, has been created. 

In the beginning, all the participants are nineteen years old and are in the last week of December. They only have a few days before they turn twenty, according to the Korean Age system. During this time, they are kept in a school, the name of which has not been disclosed, and they are not allowed to date. These participants are meant to do the exact opposite of whatever has been told to them. Even if they are not allowed to date during this phase, they will try to do so secretly. 

After the last week of December passes, they all turn twenty years old. Since the show shows the transition from 19 to 20, it has been named Nineteen To Twenty. It is during this phase of their lives as new or young adults when they are transferred from the school to another house called “House 20”. In this house, they have all the freedom that they lacked as teenagers. They will have to take every step very carefully, or they might lose their chance of being in the show. 

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Nineteen To Twenty Cast, Streaming Platform And Trailer

The main hosts of the show Nineteen To Twenty are going to be Kim Ji Eun, Cho Kyu Hyun, Jung Se Woon and Lee Su Hyun. 

Nineteen To Twenty is going to have ten episodes in its first season. All the episodes of the series are going to be released on Netflix. You will have to have a subscription to the platform if you want to watch the show. 

The trailer of Nineteen To Twenty has been released by Netflix. If you have not watched the trailer yet, the easiest way to watch it is by clicking on the link that has been given above. 

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