Where Is Tim Dog Now? Current Location Of The Rapper

If any celebrity is involved in some bad news, it is mostly the rappers. It is always the rappers who are involved in such terrifying cases. If you have heard about the famous battle between the East and the West Coast rappers, you have probably heard about the rapper Tim Dog as well. He was quite famous during the 90s and the early 2000s. Where is the rapper now? What is their current status? If you are willing to know all the information that is there about him, you will have to read this piece of information further.

Where Is Tim Dog Now?

It has been 10 years since we last heard about Tim Dog. There was a controversy going around him in 2013 and 2014, but has that been solved? The answer to your question is yes, the mystery has been solved. Tim Dog is currently dead. He died on 14th February 2013. People, at first, did not believe the news of Tim Dog’s death. They thought he was faking it, but later on, it was discovered by the NBC News network that he had indeed passed away. The memorial service that was planned had been cancelled due to the rumours that he was faking his death.

The death of Tim Dog was not at all anticipated which is why everybody was quite shocked when they heard of his death. People did not believe that he had died. Why was there no belief? The death of Tim Dog was not believed by people because there was no death certificate produced by his family members. The family of the deceased did not even try to shut down the rumours that were getting circulated which fuelled the situation.

It was believed that Tim Dog had faked his death to evade his legal punishment. He was involved in a legal case when he passed away. It was mainly due to the accuser, Esther Pilgrim, that the news of his fake death circulated like fire. However, everything was shut down when NBC News network got to the bottom of everything and found out the truth. The rapper passed away due to certain complications that arose from his chronic diabetes. He passed away at Hospice Atlanta in the Dekalb County of Georgia.

Hence, it can be concluded that Tim Dog is indeed dead and that the news of his death was not fake.

The Controversy Surrounding Tim Dog

As has been mentioned, in 2013, there had been some controversy surrounding the rapper and his family. Tim Dog, besides being a rapper, was a great conman as well. He defrauded a lady named Esther Pilgrim by scamming her on a dating app. It was due to this poor deed of the rapper that he had to face legal consequences. He had stolen $32k from the woman. As a result of this, he was required to pay $19k back to her as compensation. He had to face 5 years of probation after this.

While he was paying back the money to Esther Pilgrim, since 14th February 2013 she stopped receiving any money. At that time there were headlines surging up everywhere regarding the death of Tim Dog. She did not believe it since there were no public records proving the death of the rapper. She hired a prosecutor and an arrest warrant was issued for Tim Dog if he were alive. Her accusations were like adding petrol to the fire, firing up the whole situation. All the cases were dropped when it was finally discovered in 2014 that Tim Dog had really died on 14th February 2013.

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Know The Rapper More

The real name of Tim Dog is Timothy J. Blair. He used the name Tim Dog as a stage name. He was born on 3rd January 1967. His hometown is The Bronx located in New York City in the United States. Tim Dog was famous for his raps. If you have not known this, then let us inform you that Tim Dog was one of the first rappers who started the battle of the East and the West Coast. Over the years, till the time before his death, he released several albums because of which he assumed his fame.

He is famous for the track “Fuck Compton”. The other albums by Tim Dog include Penicillin on Wax, Do or Die, BX Warrior, Immortal and The Take Over. He could not release any more albums since he was suffering from diabetes towards the later end of his life.  

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