Is King Lil Jay Gay? Theory Behind The Footage

The music industry is full of such celebrities who have visited the jail several times. Among these celebrities most of them are rappers. It is common knowledge that rappers are known for getting arrested due to several incidents. It is not known to us why rappers are the only ones who are involved in such cases. This is like a mystery that cannot be unfolded. Today we are going to talk about the rapper King Lil Jay. Recently, he has been appearing in the headlines of numerous entertainment news channels. You will have to read this article further if you are interested in knowing more. 

Is King Lil Jay Gay? Latest News About Him!

Presently, King Lil Jay is in prison once again. On 18th July a video about him got viral on Twitter. In the video, he has been seen kissing a transgender male. Since the video got viral, people have been going crazy over the news. There have been violently hilarious reactions getting circulated on social media platforms as people are making fun of the said video. So, what is the truth behind the video? Is King Lil Jay gay? Here is what we know. 

King Lil Jay has aroused rumours about him being gay in the past. However, he has denied such rumours stating that he is only attracted to the “hoes” and has nothing to do with the gay community. To avoid any clash with the LGBTQIA+ community, he stated it carefully that he has nothing against gay men, but he personally prefers women. Nevertheless, the video that has gone viral says the opposite. It has come to our notice that King Lil Jay has stated it from the prison that he is not the person in the video, and that he does not know who the person is in the video. 

In the video, a man, who is alleged to be King Lil Jay, is sitting on a chair in a big sort of hall kind of place. We are assuming that it might be some canteen. A transgender male person sat on the lap of the rapper. They start kissing after some time. Twitter people are convinced that it was King Lil Jay. The rapper himself is upset because people are thinking of him to be gay after this video. 

Why Is King Lil Jay In Prison?

King Lil Jay has gone to prison numerous times. This is not the first time that he is in prison. In 2015 and in 2019 he was apprehended by the police. The rapper is recently in jail on charges of domestic violence. His girlfriend and mother-in-law put these charges against him. King Lil Jay has carried out acts of violence against his girlfriend and her mother. The woman suffered a blow from the rapper that broke her jawbone. He even pointed a gun at the woman’s mother. Hence, he is currently in jail now. 

Why was he imprisoned earlier? You must be having this question in your mind for sure. Well, he was imprisoned earlier on charges of “irresponsible” firearm discharge. The rapper was also invested in a drug case. When he was arrested in 2015, he was bailed on an amount of $400k. In 2019 he was arrested on charges of “intention to murder”. Hence, he has been to prison quite a few times now. We assume that he has become so used to it that it is not stopping his career anyway. 

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King Lil Jay: More About The Rapper

Although not much information is provided about him as of now, we have provided what we could collate so far. We have found out that he was born on 12th November 1993. His current age is 29, and he is going to turn 30 this November. His hometown is located in Chicago, United States. King Lil Jay is an American rapper who has gained much fame. He has his own YouTube channel which is currently having 194k followers. He is releasing music even after being in prison. Any more information about his personal life has not been disclosed. In short, we have very little information about the rapper from Chicago. 

It has come to our notice that King Lil Jay has some bad relationships with other rappers as well. It is as if the young rapper has earned himself a negative title from the very start. Being in the rapping industry himself, he cannot maintain proper stable relationships with other rappers. These rappers with whom he has had fallouts are Edai600, Lil Reese, Lil Durk and 600 Breezy. 

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