Where Is Craig Vandewege Now? Everything We’ve Covered So Far!

The mysterious murder of a 30+ years old woman and her infant baby looks so annoying and creepy. What If Said The Murder was done by their husband and father? Yes, this sounds so odd and helpless. The Investigation Discovery reveals everything about the case.

Today’s topic of discussion in the article is the allegedly killing of a mother and her infant baby just 3 months old by her husband and the baby’s father. The man definitely at first sight seems to be a phsyco for taking such wrong steps and killing his own family. But the reason may shock you even.

Thus, if you’re interested in looking forward to more of the case and delving into the lives of the criminal and victims. We’ve brought everything covered for you to know about them.

Where Is Craig Vandewege Now?

The most asked question after hearing the case of Craige murdering his wide Shanna and an infant baby brutally, just for the sake of another affair, shakes up the world of every human being who has to hear their story. 

After years of investigation and Craige set free at first for not being guilty, but was within years caught and arrested by the police of Texas, for his crime of killing two innocent lives and carrying unlicensed guns and riffles in his car, in the mis of the city. 

These illegal works and crimes of him proved him to be guilty in court. And 41-year-old Craige is now in prison, cursing himself for doing such a heinous crime just in ake of another affair with his girlfriend and maybe for a little money. What is the case and story behind this crime? Let us see.

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Who is Craig And Shanna Vandewege?

Shanna Danee Riddle VanDeWege, born on June 4, 1980, in Colorado, was an ambitious girl, who completed her graduation in nursing in the year 2006. During her school and college life, she had a great interest in playing different sports and was a good player indeed.

Shanna after completing her graduation was serving as a nurse at St. Joseph Hospital of Colorado in 2007. Shanna decided to marry her longtime best friend, Craige, in the year 204. They both lived in Colorado till 2016 May, till the time Craige didn’t get his promotion and transferred to Texas.

Craige and Shanna moved to Texas where Shnna worked as a nurse and their life was peaceful. They were about to welcome a baby boy in their life, just after a few months of their marriage, and were quite excited and happy too. But Shanna was unknown for her world is soon going to end with her loving husband.

Craige worked in a corporate office and had an extramarital affair with a girl, who he used to say for marrying her ad leaving Shanna. The couple gave birth to a baby boy, on September 5, 2016, and named him Diederik Jonas “DJ” VanDeWege. The grandparents and the couple were quite happy after welcoming the baby.

The grandparents and the wife of Craig were unknown of the fact that her world is soon coming to an end, as she is going to be murdered. And not only Shanna but also her irresponsible infant is going to be killed, just after three months of his birth. 

Who Killed Shanna And Dj VanDeWege And Why?

On December 15, 2016, police in Texas got a call from Craig complaining of finding his wife and infant sons’ dead bodies lying on a bed. As the police arrived and investigated the death of a 36-year-old mother and just three-month-old babies, nothing can be found. 

Craig when asked questions was very controlling in his emotions and answered everything asked, for not finding any clue against him he was left by the police. After the team of investigators reached Craige’s home they find something unusual as if the murder was planned and not by the killers indeed as said by Craige. 

They started keeping an eye on Craige and started knowing much about him. It was found by his colleagues that he was always rude to his wife and always complained about her appearance. Going further Craige said everything false about his economy which grew more suspense for the police. 

after finding much, still, nothing solid was in the hands of the police instead him being a suspect by listening about him from his colleagues and of course by seeing his phone chats with his gir; friend. One day December 21, the morning took the case of Craige to an end, when an unnamed person called the police and said he is the person whose fone was borrowed by Craige to plan the murder. And when checked for the history the caller was true.

Soon on the same day he was arrested by Colorado police for harsh driving and taking away guns and other things in his car. This was the time he was charged with murdering two innocent lives and was presented in the cory. The court found him guilty of murder and is in prison now at Bee County Texas paying for his deeds. 

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