How Did Christine Thornton Die? The Truth Is Revealed

How would it feel to say a girl dead in the year 1982 when she was just 30+? Yes, it just makes us cry our lungs out and feels so bad for the girl and her family. The murder of the girl is yet not solved and is a mystery to not only her parents but also the whole world who read about her mysterious disappearance.

Today the article is all dedicated to the 28-year-old girl who went missing and is believed to be disappeared after her relationship ends. No clue about her presence and existence in the world and fears the world. And suddenly her death new of course shook the world off.

If you are even one of those to know more about this girl and about her murderers and everything, you are in the right place. We have covered everything that you must know about this mysterious yet threatening murder case.

How Did Christine Thornton Die?

It was a day in the year 1977 when a 28-year-old girl from San Antonio, a beloved daughter, and sister Christine Thorton took a major decision on leaving her house and turning into a living relationship with her boyfriend. Christine decided to travel all the way to Mississippi to shift with her boyfriend.

At first, everything seem to her very nice and then there were fights initiated in their relationship and it was destroyed completely. The two thus decided to part, changing the life of Christine. Her family expected her to return home but her destiny has to take her somewhere else. 

Christine disappeared from the place seems she vanished in the air, with none of her news and pieces of information to her family. When the family filed a complaint and Christine was investigated nothing comes out concerning her remaining or her existence. The case was almost on the way to be closed and then the story took a turn.

There was a call from a common man, a rancher in Wyoming complaining to the police for finding someone’s dead remains on his land. When police collected and sent remains for autopsy nothing was discovered so far. The only thing revealed from the remains was that the woman during the time of death was pregnant and carrying a three-month-old premature baby in her womb. 

No one was able to match the DNA of any murderers and the dead remains are still a mystery. After so many years passed one day, Christine’s sister found something on the news channel that made her submit her sister’s DNA to the police. And the result trembled the policemen and doctors along with Christine’s family.

Remember in 1982, the remains collected from a man’s home matched with DNA of Christine in the year 2015. And the mystery was solved, and it was confirmed for Christine will never be seen or heard again. The family broke and still, there is one question unanswered. Who Is The Murderer Of Christine? Is Her Boyfriend The Killer? Let’s see. 

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Who Is Christine Thornton?

Christine Ruth ‘Chris” Thornton, is the woman of San Antonio, who was allegedly killed and buried in 1982, but she went missing in 1977 and was identified by her family in 2015. How did all this happen?

Christine belonged to a small family in San Antonio and had a great relationship with her younger sister like others. She was happy with her family, but her life changed when she was in love with a boy. Christine at the age of 28 decided to leave her hometown and get shifted with her boyfriend in Mississippi.

Everything, in the beginning, seemed good, but when things grow older and times pass, people show their real selves and this was the time when they both broke up. Christine was left all alone in such a big unknown city. She went missing and just disappeared for years. And not even a single clue of her existence was received by the police.

Christine was agril quite beautiful but silly in her deeds. She was left unrecognizable from 1982 to 2015, and when recognized the family and police still don’t know who is her killer and Christine’s case is still going on to find justice for her. 

Who Is Christine Thornton’s Murderer?

On April 6, 1982, when police collected remains from Whoming the remains remained unmatched with any of the victims of murder. During the investigation of Christine’s case and this remains victim’s DNA, police arrested a long-time serial killer Rodney Alcala. 

The murderer has been arrested and charged for allegedly killing a 12-year-old gitl in California, murdered people in 1979, and 1986 and many other mystery murders were linked with him. Rodney was thus sentenced to imprisonment till death. 

But, the mystery of Christine’s death is still a mystery. When asked so much Rodney didn’t accept Christine’s murder. And when about 200 photographs in the target Rodney were released by police. Christine’s sister found her being one of them and soon sent her DNA. 

The DNA of Christine was matched with the girl remains in 2015 found in 1982. This was the time their hopes broke and the family was left shattered. Rodney was however killed in 2021, and thus the mystery of Christine’s death still remains unsolved.

There is no answer to Christine’s murderer. But her family and the people believe Rodney to be her murderer. But still, the mystery of Christine’s death is unsolved and the truth remains unfolded. The family of Christine is still fighting the case and continuing her investigation in order to find her justice. 

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