Is Kohrra Based On A True Story? Are Balbir And Garundi Real Police Officers?

An investigative crime drama series, Kohrra, delves into the deep waters of traumatic incidents and contrasting perspectives. Each of these perspectives makes this Netflix series a multilayered drama that has a new twist to offer with each of its layers. Helmed by Sudip Sharma, Diggi Sisodia and Gunjit Chopra, Kohrra is a taut thriller soaked in blood and misery. Led by Bollywood’s fine actors, Suvinder Vicky and Barun Sobti, Kohrra revolves around the murder of an NRI amid the tumultuous drug wave that has surrounded Punjab.

The series gives off the traditional you-won’t-find-out-the-truth-till-the-end vibes. But it is the journey towards disclosing the truth that makes Kohrra a true gem. With each character owning up to his/her personality, they add a significant depth to the series. The question regarding its authenticity is now flourishing on the horizon. Is Kohrra based on a true story? Do you want to find out, too? Dive in!

Is Kohrra Based On A True Story?

Sudip Sharma has constantly proved that brilliant ideas are often manifested unintentionally with his compelling projects. The Shahid Kapoor starrer, Udta Punjab and his latest masterpiece, Pataal Lok serve as testaments to Sharma’s incredible ideas. His latest offering, hosted by the streaming giant Netflix, Kohrra, is yet another complex drama. Sudip aspired to manifest an investigative drama set in Punjab and wanted to explore the depth of relationships that serve as the “focal point” of the series.

The main characters, Balbir Singh (Vicky) and Garundi (Sobti) are the lead investigative officers with a chip on their shoulders. Garundi is less brooding than Balbir but equally famished with love. When the duo discovers the reason behind the murder of Paul Dhillon, their yearning intensifies. But they have to bear the weight of their decisions and that is a tough endeavour.

It is due to these complex characters and the incredible storytelling that the series is considered to be based on a true story. However, Kohrra is not based on a true story but rather derives inspiration from some real-life incidents.

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The Inspiration Behind Kohrra

To breathe life into his initial idea, Sharma collaborated with Chopra and Sisodia. The trio have worked together before and are now presenting Kohrra to us. According to Sudip, it was Charles Bukowski’s statement, “Love is a dog from hell” that served as the starting point for the series. It was their goal to incorporate that line, the complexity of a murder investigation and family dynamics into the series.

As Sharma pointed out, Kohrra’s storyline runs parallel to the events they witnessed during their shooting period. As the trio were filming around Ludhiana, Punjab, they came across two murders. One was of a sportsperson while the other was of a rapper. As the team witnessed the political and emotional impact of the murders, they decided to instil such elements in the series. They ended up creating a blend of crime mystery thriller and emotional drama that serves well.

Are Balbir And Garundi Real Police Officers?

Is Kohrra Based On A True Story?

Throughout the filming period, Sudip and his team worked closely with the local public of Punjab. Their mission was to delve deeper into the inner turmoil of families who lose the significant things in life to mundane grudges. The source of Sharma’s inspiration is clear as the sky but it is still uncertain whether the investigators, Balbir and Garundi are inspired by real police officers.

Given that the series isn’t inspired by any true event in the broader sense, it doesn’t seem like Balbir and Garundi are inspired by real police officers. However, Vicky and Sobti pull off their roles to utter finesse, making their characters truly relatable.

The True Message Kohrra Conveys

Kohrra is an entertaining crime thriller, hands down. But that’s not all it is. The series is centred around Paul’s murder investigation but its focus soon shifts to unearthing the inner dynamics of the Dhillon family. Another story arc the series tries to explore is Balbir’s backward mindset. He is a vile man of vanity and is domineering to the core. His control freakishness knows no bounds and ends up destroying his life.

Kohrra is packed with several messages and life lessons. The series is also a satirical punch at people who are still stuck in the 90s. Be it Balbir’s I-am-the-man personality or Paul’s father, Steve’s apprehension towards queer people. Though Kohrra isn’t based on a true story, it has several true messages to convey in a non-preachy manner.

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