Kohrra: What Happened To Balbir’s Daughter, Nimrat?

When Gunjit Sharma and Diggi Sisodia collaborate once again with Sudeep Sharma, Netflix’s Kohrra is born. And it is every bit of nail-biting, violence-fueled drama one can expect from the trio. Add Randeep Jha to the mix as the director of Kohrra, and it is a whole new world you’ll find yourself submerged into. This six-part Netflix series takes place in Punjab, amid a voracious drug rise. When an NRI, Paul Dhillon, is found dead in the secluded countryside of Punjab, havoc ensues. The responsibility to investigate Dhillon’s death falls over Balbir Singh (Suvinder Vicky) and Garundi (Barun Sobti).

Throughout their investigation, Balbir and Garundi find themselves tackling personal and professional dilemmas. While Garundi is a fearless, young cop, Balbir instils the brooding energy in the series. While the two seem drastically opposite each other, there’s a fine thread binding them–a yearning to be loved unconditionally. Amid the psychological mess and the blood-coated streets, there’s one question that remains underrated. What happened to Balbir’s daughter, Nimrat? Come, let’s find out!

What Happened To Balbir’s Daughter, Nimrat?

Though Kohrra is a crime thriller, revolving around a murder mystery, it is a fog that envelops several characters and their backstories. Each character here has a story to tell. Liam, Paul’s best friend and lover, has a tale of frustration to narrate. Paul’s cousin, Honey, has a story of jealousy and non-acceptance to highlight. Garundi with his unkempt beard and shabby look has a message of nonchalance to broadcast. And then there is Balbir Singh, the head of the household and the master of all. He possesses a cliche concept of toxic masculinity and false pride to showcase.

Oh, then there is Balbir’s daughter, Namrit who has her own tale to share. At a tender age, she lost her mother to suicide. Balbir, like every self-centred, domineering husband, took his frustration out on his submissive wife. One day, sick of Balbir’s incorrigible treatment, she suicide and Namrit watched it all. Her childhood was shattered in front of her eyes due to her father. As Namrit grew up, Balbir tried to control her life, too. He married her off to a wealthy household, without considering Namrit’s opinion because…well, it would make him appear weak as idiotic as it may sound.

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How Does Balbir Have A Change Of Heart?

Namrit’s husband might be a great guy but in the end, it takes more than a kind heart to make a relationship work. Like every other Indian woman who has had to marry a stranger, Namrit, too, tries to make her marriage work. Her scars run deep but it is her heart that beats for somebody else and that complicates her situation. Despite having a child, Namrit cannot bear to live with her husband anymore. In the end, Namrit, similar to her mother, attempts suicide at the time Balbir was kidnapped.

However, she is saved within an inch of her life. As Balbir watches Namrit almost die, something inside him snaps. Namrit was once a straight-A student, yearning to establish her own identity apart from being somebody’s daughter and wife. Now, she’s a shell and there’s only one person who could pull her back to life–Namrit’s ex-boyfriend, Karan Gill. 

Karan is a real-estate businessman who loves Namrit to death. He is initially scared of Balbir but not enough to stop pursuing his daughter. As Balbir watches Namrit finally smiling, he decided to not become a hurdle for his daughter. As Namrit and Karan reunite, Garundi, too, decides to finally let himself have a chance at marriage.

Does Indira Forgive Balbir?

Since love is in the air and apologies are distributed freely, Balbir takes it upon himself to utilize the opportunity. Indira is Balbir’s ex-informant’s wife and his current love interest. However, there’s a major obstacle in Balbir’s way to have his happily ever. He slaughtered Indira’s ex-husband when he became a threat. Instead of hiding the truth, Balbir decides to not hold back and tell Indira the truth consequences be damned.

As it happens, the consequences work in his favour because Indira forgives him. Balbir has always put his values above his and everyone else’s happiness. To him embracing any new concept is losing his traditional values to modernization which thankfully, he realizes is not true. Times in which men were considered to be angels reincarnated are over and feminism isn’t just a word anymore. As Netflix’s Kohrra climaxes on a happy note, its message resonates in the air. Acceptance is indeed the essence of a relationship.

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