Who Killed Gary Hinge? Exploring The Possibilities

There are a lot of people who enjoy spending their time while indulging in their hobbies. Reading books, playing games, painting is some of the hobbies that most people prefer. But some people do not like to be on the safe path of things. Hikers or travelers love to spend their time exploring different places. No matter how tough it seems to us, the wilderness attracts them.

Of course, there is a beauty in uncertainty, but along with that, comes a bitter flipside. Danger. Unknown lands and unmarked territories can often become nemesis to some people. In this article we will engage in a discussion about one such man, Gary Hinge. Gary was a hiker and the protagonist of a creative documentary called ‘Horror In The High Desert’. The documentary shows how he lost his life while exploring a deserted cabin in the woods.

If you are searching answers about Gary Hinge’s killer, please hold on. We have gathered info regarding this topic. So, feel free to read the article below.

Who Killed Gary Hinge? More About The Monster

The documentary mainly depicts the life of Gary. How he lived his life and how he lost it, is shown in ‘Horror In The High Desert’. Although the tapes indicate that Gary lives in a much hostile atmosphere, feels secluded at times, he is a social media star- Scorpion Sam. Although he tells his followers about feeling an eerie vibe while coming across a cabin, they decide not to believe him. So, Gary goes back to the cabin and ultimately falls prey in the hands of a stranger.

But who was the terrifying monster? Who killed Gary Hinge? What was his identity? The film starts to show Gary as a missing person in the beginning, shows his death in the epilogue part as well. But it never really shows the actual face of the killer. Yes. We never get to see how this monster looks like, where he hails from, or what his identity is. All we could see is a strange shadowy alien figure in the film who started attacking Gary from literally nowhere.

The deformed monstrous stranger is seen attacking Gary when he comes to visit the deserted place once again. Since Gary felt better only through his online presence, his decision was not just a personal move. He was indirectly motivated to act against his own gut feelings. The killer was seen severing Gary Hinge’s arm. We don’t get to see the entirety of his violent act, but this disfigured monster definitely killed Gary Hinge.

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Gary Hinge: Truth Behind The Life Of The Explorer

As the movie progresses, we get to see that our protagonist is already missing. The police are active and they are looking for Gary almost everywhere they could. The missing person posters, eerie atmosphere, fading dark horizons start creating the horror hype of the documentary from the very start of the film.

But who is this Gary Hinge? Was he a real person? Did he get really murdered? Although the movie shows its scenes in the manner of a documentary, but we would like to let you know, that it is not. This is almost a work of fiction, but not fully made up. Yes, you have read it right. We might not be sure about the exact physical features of Gary’s Killers as it was shown in the film, but Gary Hinge’s story was loosely based on real life mysterious events.

Death Of Gary Hinge: Based On True Events?

The Gary Hinge we see on screen is actually based on a person called Kenny Veach. Kenny Veach was a real person who disappeared after he went on a hike. This explorer claimed on his YouTube vlog that he found a cave that is perfectly shaped like a M. Like the film, his subscriber’s enthusiasm affects him. Kenny stated on his videos that the cave had a terrifying atmosphere and the air had odd scary smell. According to him, he felt that the walls were alive- they were sending vibrations through his body. He actually felt scared while visiting the place.

After Kenny was missing, some people claimed that Gary was murdered viciously. Other people came up various conspiracy theories – suicide, assassination, getting kidnapped by the aliens, everything was popping up. His body was never recovered from the Nevada Desert. Rescue officers managed to find his phone from the door of an abandoned mine-shaft. This location was spotted in his last YouTube video.

The documentary “Horror In The High Desert” got released on 2021. It is an indie horror style documentary that runs for almost 1.5 hours. The creators of the film don’t confirm the connection between Gary Hinge and Kenny Veach but if you have watched the film, I am sure that you will be able to spot the similarities.

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