Is Little Man Based on a True Story? Here’s The Answer!

Movies full of comedy and laughter are the full fun to watch. The movies do not have an age mark to be watched else it is open to all age groups to watch and laugh out loud till their stomach hurts. When talking about comedy films, every industry has given its best in releasing the best comedy films.

Today the film we are going to discuss here in this article is “Little Man” by Keenen Ivory Wayans released in the year 2006 in theatres for the audiences to watch and be cheerful. The film is a combination of a unique storyline and lively characters. 

Is Little Man Based on a True Story?

After watching the movie everyone’s mind is struck by the question that whether the film is based on a true story or any real-life incident. We have answered the most answered question below. 

No, the story of the film is not based on any real-life incident instead it is been inspired by the animated cartoon ‘Baby, Buggy, Bunny’. The film has been a surprise hit amongst the fans, because of its unique storyline and of course, the great work done by the artists made it look real.

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What Is The Film All About?

The film is all about a dwarf thief Calvin Sims who takes advantage of his short height and transforms himself as a baby and robs things. This time he along with his partner in crime Percy, both decide to rob the precious diamond, which Percy has mistakenly put in the purse of a woman. 

The other thieves plan to reach the lady’s house disguising Calvin as a baby left by some person and is now adopted by the couple Darryl and Vanessa who rake him home and nurture him. As the story proceeds, Calvin finds it difficult for him to find the diamond, and on the other side, he has to tackle everything as if he is an infant.

Soon Calvin’s true identity is exposed to Daryl’s boss Walken and he is now blackmailing him to help in crime. On one side where Calvin is overwhelmed with love and affection, Percy is impatient for getting the diamond soon. Daryl, Venessa, and Calvin decide to expose Walken’s crimes and put him in jail soon.

By the end, of the story, Calvin was successful in stealing the diamond, exposing Walken, and also getting nurtured as a son to the couple. He thus decided to leave his bad habit of stealing and be the surrogate son of this couple. The film by the end gives a sweet message to the viewers that the love and compassion of family is much more than the money and precious diamonds.

Who Are The Characters Of The Film?

The film “Little Man” is co-written by Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, and Keene Ivory Wayans and is directed by Keene Ivory Wayans too. The film premiered in theatres on July 13, 2006, and gained huge fan support.

The main characters in the film starred by the artists include Marlon Wayans starring Calvin Sims the protagonist, Shawn Wayans starring Darryl Edwards, Tracy Morgan starring Percy, Calvin’s partner in crime and Kerry Washington starring Vanessa Edwards, Darryl’s wife.

The other artists in supporting roles include Chazz Palminetri starring Mr. Walken, Molly Shannon starring Soccer Mom, Dave Sheridan starring Rosco Key, Alex Borstein starring Janet Sellens, Chloe Matthews starring Chrissy, Reece Knight starring Nicholas, and many more.

All the characters in the story are not real but the hard work and beautiful work of the actors and actresses have made the characters look so real, that viewers started asking questions to the filmmakers if it was based on a true story. But the truth, however, is something different from what they thought, the film is based on a cartoon and not on any real-life incident.


The “Little Man” movie has been loved and supported by fans from all over the world, because of its great comedy and humourous storyline. The fans got crazy watching the movie and laughed out loud holding their stomachs out of pain. 

The film received both negative and positive responses from the critics as they were disliked for its crude humor while liked for its intense humor, making all the confusion and messed up reviews for the audience to go through. 

Overall, the film as said earlier isn’t based on any real-life incident, else it is somewhat inspired by the cartoon, and as a whole the storyline of the show is all a unique and imaginary plot, to make the audience cheerfully watch the movie and have fun.

1. Is the film based on a true story?

The film “Little Man” featuring the dwarf Marlon Wayans as Calvin, the thief is an imaginary and not a real-life based movie.

2. When was the film released?

The film was released in theatres on July 13, 2006.

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