Is Tim Ballard Related To Elder Ballard? Knowing The Truth

The population of the Earth is 8 billion currently. Among these, 8 billion people may have the same or similar names. Confusion is bound to arise when this happens among people who are more or less working in the same industry. Such is the case with Tim Ballard and Elder Ballard. Who are these people, you may ask? Both the Ballards have the same surname, but they are different persons. Many people cannot distinguish between the two of them because of their same surnames. If you want to know if these two people are related to each other or not, you have come to the right place to seek your answer.

Is Tim Ballard Related To Elder Ballard?

Before knowing the exact truth, let us first get to know who Elder Ballard is. Elder Ballard is none other than Mr Melvin Russell Ballard Junior. The full name of Tim Ballard is Timothy Ballard. They are called by their short names, Tim Ballard and Elder Ballard. Both of them have the same surname, as has been mentioned already. However, are these two personalities related? Most people think that they are somehow related to each other.

The answer to your question is “No.” The two of them are not related to each other. They are working in two different fields, and it has been found they have no ties between themselves. Elder Ballard is quite older than Tim Ballard. It is kind of ridiculous that people are getting confused between the two of them since they do not have any connections, not even a single one. Elder Ballard is presently a religious head of America. Besides being a religious leader, he is also an American businessman. Since 1985, he is holding an important position in the L.D.S. (Latter-day Saints) church.

Tim Ballard, on the other hand, is the founder of a Non-profit organization named O.U.R. He has been involved with O.U.R. since 2013. The work of O.U.R. is completely different from the work of any religious organization. As the founder of this organization, Tim has carried out various works that can be considered noble. His organization has no connection with Melvin Russell Ballard Jr. or the L.D.S. church. Similarly, the church also has no association with O.U.R. Both of the organizations are extremely different, but there can come a time when both may collaborate.

Works Of O.U.R.

O.U.R. is the acronym for Operation Underground Railroad.

If looking at the statistical data, hundreds of children are trafficked every year. This is done for various evil purposes. Crimes rated against children are increasing day by day in every country. Considering the increase in crime rates in the United States, this organization was founded in 2013 to combat the situation. O.U.R. has worked all these years to protect children from the crimes that are perpetrated against them. However, even if O.U.R. has worked hard all these years, they have also faced severe backlash from people for their associations.

Tim Ballard had a legitimate reason for opening this organization. As a part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, he was associated with the work of rescuing children. However, he could not work according to his complete potential because the department did not allow him to. Considering the crime rates against the children, the said department was not taking appropriate measures to save children who were violated mercilessly. Consequently, he resigned from his position and founded O.U.R. O.U.R. has been quite instrumental in its work since day one. Tim Ballard could work freely under his newly formed organization.

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Sound Of Freedom

You will be happy to know that Tim Ballard’s works have been celebrated in a 2022 film titled Sound Of Freedom. The film has been named so because the captivated children are rescued by Tim Ballard, who gives them the freedom that they deserve. This movie is based on the true events of Tim Ballard’s life and the works of O.U.R. The film was released in theatres across the United States of America on July 4, 2022. The fact that the creators decided to release the film on July 4 holds great importance. It was on this date that America gained its independence.

As of now, the film has not yet been released on any O.T.T. platform officially. However, we are expecting that it will be released soon enough. The film is available on the internet to watch, on the other hand, but we are not very sure if the sites are legal. If you have not watched the trailer of the film, you can watch it on YouTube. It has been made available there.

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