Where Is Edwin Alemany Now?

No matter how hard you try, everything cannot be perfect. Such an example is society. We have norms, social rules, and some strong boundaries which is not okay to cross. Still, crimes happen in every corner of the globe almost on a daily basis. One such incident was the murder of Amy E. Lord.

The police were able to take her killer into the custody, but soon after his arrest, a lot of other horrific truths started coming up. Yes. Edwin Alemany is the man who murdered Amy. In this article, we will talk about the murder case, the backgrounds, and most importantly, the whereabouts of Edwin.

Where Is Edwin Alemany Now? Everything We Know

Although this happened a decade ago, but even today, the murder of Amy Lord still devastates us when we think about it. It was none other than Edwin who was convicted of killing her. The 37-year-old busboy was put under trial weeks after his arrest. Thanks to the police officers who immediately jumped into the scene.

Soon after he got arrested, the police investigations followed. In due course of time, it was revealed, that Edwin not only took away Amy’s life, but he kidnapped her from her own apartment. There are public camera records of everything that showed every detail of Edwin’s vicious plan. But the investigators were shocked when they found out that Amy Lord was only one of his victims. He was responsible for his reckless crimes on other two women, too. And all of these happened within just 22 hours.

Although he pleaded not guilty many a times, the court was not at all impressed with his plea of insanity. He was tried for aggravated assault, robbery, battery, kidnapping, damage of private property and murder. Although his lawyers claim that the trial was faulty, and their client was ‘innocent’, Edwin is now incarcerated in prison. He is currently serving his life imprisonment sentence at a Souza Baranowski Correctional Facility in Lancaster.

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The Terrorizing Crimes Of Edwin: Murder of Amy And Much More

According to investigations, Edwin did not kill Amy at first. On July 23, she was assaulted and kidnapped in her own vehicle. Investigators also managed to discover that she was brutally shoven into the walls. The ‘innocent’ man then forced and took out her money across multiple ATMs. Before finally killing her, Edwin took Amy in an isolated area only to brutally stab her for 40 times. After leaving her to die, Edwin tried to destroy evidence by burning down Amy’s car.

The other two victims of Edwin Alemany were also women. Before approaching Amy, he physically assaulted Alexandra Cruz, dragged her to a parking area and tried to choke her. The violent actions of the man caused physical damage to her. When she managed to flee, Edwin repeatedly threatened Alexandra. Fast forward to Amy, Edwin was convicted of brutally stabbing Kayleigh Ballantine for multiple times in her face and body. This happened just after midnight. Kayleigh managed to escape. She ran and locked herself in her own apartment.

The Trial Of Edwin Alemany: Amy Lord Murder Case

Since the other two women fortunately survived, they pressed charges against him. Both of them testified against Edwin Alemany on court. Apart from this, Edwin was mainly convicted for Amy Lord’s murder. His brutal actions, mixed with his little-to-no remorse during the trials really shocked everyone present there.

During that time, Edwin was working as a busboy. He had a partner and was even a father. On the day of his actions, there were also a number of times when his girlfriend had to face his intoxicated behaviour. Edwin was passed out in the backseat. Their toddler was not at all safe during the entire incident. It can be easily concluded that this man did not only endanger three lives, but a total of 5 lives in the process.

The lawyers tried their best to nullify or at least lessen the number of years Edwin was going to face in his trial. They tried to prove that Edwin was insane and he was under prescribed psychological drugs, he was going through therapy due to his mental issues. But no insane man can be this devious, can he? He assaulted Alexandra and stabbed Kayleigh. He kidnapped, murdered Amy and spent the evening partying with the money of his victim!

Come on. He cannot be this ‘innocent’ and ‘insane’ to chalk out such a plan and enjoy without any regrets. So, despite all the pleas of his attorneys and even a petition of habeus corpus to a Federal Judge, Edwin Alemany will be spending his rest of his life at a correctional facility in Massachusetts.

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