Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

Animes are popular for their magical storylines. They just bring the imagination of otakus to life. The incredible journeys through lives of different characters and the beauty of fairy tale like stories manages to captivate the mind of viewers every time. One such anime is Yusha Pati o Tsuihou Sareta Bisuto Teima, Saikyoshu No Nekomimi Shojo To Deau, or more popularly Beast Tamer.

Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date

If you are an otaku or someone who loves to keep their anime watchlist fresh, you must have heard about Beast Tamer. This anime is taken from a series of novels. Miyama and Hotosoka did a wonderful job in writing and illustrating the storyline of the Mangas. After it was adapted into anime, released back in 2022, Beast Tamer was quick to gain the attention of anime watchers from all around the world.

Although the first season had a successful run, till date there have been no official confirmation regarding the renewal of the anime. A lot of exciting animes were released in 2022. Some of them were greeted quite happily by the otakus. One such anime is Beast Tamer. There are talks regarding a second season in Reddit or Twitter threads of anime communities. Of course, we do expect a Beast Tamer sequel from its creators and the fans will be extremely overjoyed to get one.

As said before, we do not have official news regarding the second season. Just because it is not releasing any teaser or trailer of Beast Tamer Season 2, we cannot declare it as a cancelled anime. Beast Tamer was pretty much accepted by fans. Within a few months or weeks of it’s release, this anime managed to captivate the audience.

We might speculate its release in the late 2023 or middle of the next year 2024, but right now, there is no news from the makers. So, lets hold our horses and take a trip down the memory lanes to find out what happened in the last season.

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Beast Tamer Season 1: The Story

Unlike the slightly-serious tone in the title, Beast Tamer is actually an isekai anime. The story that happens inside a fantasy world. In this world, our protagonist is Rein who tames beasts from different parts. Rein actually dreams to works for Arios, who is his world’s worshipped hero. But as they say, you should never meet your idol, Rein’s dreams were shattered by Arios himself. He humiliated Rein and he was just thrown out from Arios’ gathering. Now he was just on his own.

But as the story unfolds, we saw that Rein’s mysterious power to understand and communicate with his fellow animals around him. It was not very late that he came across a unique girl- her name was Kanade. After knowing more about her, Rein could discover that she was the member of a whole new cat tribe. Since she was saved, Kanade puts her trust into Rein and the duo forms a contract to work for an alliance together.

Soon after meeting her, our beast tamer gained more strength by taking up some abilities from Kanade. After their duo gained some ground, they set out on a mission to discover other powerful friends. They discovered a lot of other beast girls who ultimately got tamed by Rein. They were interested in forming contracts. Gradually we saw Rein and Kanade’s alliance growing so powerful that they grew stronger than Arios’ own team.

Now the so-called hero gets jealous and enraged with anger- his massive ego couldn’t accept Rein and Kanade’s success. Will they survive Arios’ evil wrath? To know more, you have to watch the first season.

Beast Tamer: Behind The Fantasy World

The voice actors behind our characters include Shoya Chiba, Azumi Waki, Rumi Okubo, Minami Tanaka, Maria Sashide, Francine Gonzalez, Celeste Perez, Rie Takahashi, Marika Kono< M.A.O., Nobunaka Shimazaki.

The light novels were written by Suzu Miyama- it was later adapted into a Manga series by Moto Shigemura on 2019, a year after the novel was released in Japan. Till September of last year, we have seven volumes of the Manga. The animators from EMT Squared have done an amazing job in painting the illustrations lucidly on the screen. Directed by Atsushi Nigorikawa, the 13 episodes of Beast Tamer first aired on the screens on October 2, 2022.

Although initially it was restricted just to SEA Animax Asia, Crunchyroll has taken up the job of licensing this anime to people outside Japan. Make sure to give it a watch.

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