Is Sound Of Freedom A True Story?

It’s quite normal to feel burdened with the daily workload in our workplace, right? But, how about getting absolutely frustrated with the good-for-nothing higher officials who are least bothered with issues that need the utmost attention? Especially when there are lives of helpless children on the line? Anyone working under them will feel this suffocating urge to do something before it’s too late. Such is the story of Tim Ballard, who is truly a brave heart. To know more about this man, and more about the movie, please continue reading the article below.

Is Sound Of Freedom A True Story?

The story of “The Sound of Freedom” revolves around real life incidents and real people. The film’s protagonist, Tim Ballard, is actually a superhero who doesn’t need a cape. In his initial years, Ballard was a Special Agent who started working for the Department of Homeland Security in U.S.A. Besides ensuring the basic safety of people, their job was to pull the innocent lives stuck under the rubble of greed and lust.

Even if everything went smooth for some time, soon, Ballard noticed the lack of responsibility and poor signs of empathy among his higher officials. His government services did not allow him to operate on grounds that exceeded the borders of U.S. He has admitted that he was vexed by the very few options and strategies he could get to rescue innocent children from the hands of sex-traffickers and vicious kidnappers in under-developed parts of the world like Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico. So, in 2013, Ballard decided to step off from his services, and took up the role of a vigilante for criminals all around the world.

He found Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R). This non-profit organization deals with offenders who fall under the category of sex-trafficking, kidnapping, child abuse and paedophilia. As the CEO, Timothy has reached out to politicians and media outlets to spread awareness about the aforesaid issues. With the help of his data mining software, Imperial County even prosecuted a man and stopped spreading of child pornography. The organization has been operational in the investigation and arrest of pro-pedophiliac activists. Their aftercare program deals with medical and emotional support of the helpless victims.

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Sound of Freedom: Movie Plot Summary

As we said before, this deals with Tim Ballard quitting his job and take up the role of a rescuer who works to save the lives of innocent children. The film shows how reality takes a turn for him after two siblings are suddenly kidnapped. Ballard manages to rescue the boy but soon learns that his sister is also kidnapped. This terrorises Ballard and he takes the first step towards becoming a hero that was much needed.

Ballard sets out on a journey against all of the people and organisations who made the lives of children a living hell to satisfy their own greed. His war was even against the societies who paid no heed to the problems around them, against systems whose corruption prevented them to act wisely and made them turn a blind eye towards what’s wrong. Tim Ballard’s main concern was to make Earth a better place for every innocent soul in places no government could reach.

This movie is quite instrumental in showing the darkest alleys of the world of sex trafficking, which no other movie has possibly done before. Apart from the action-packed scenes that involves fight against dark, the audience will easily feel the terror that rushes through the veins of families of the victims. How one single kidnapping can gradually push a lot of lives to the edge of despair and utter helplessness. The movie is an impactful masterpiece that teaches us that we need to be vocal. It compels us to take our stand against injustice. To fight for what’s right.

The Team of Sound of Freedom

The role of Tim Ballard is played by American actor Jim Caviezel. Mira Sorvino plays Katherine Ballard. Other notable actors include Kurt Fuller, Jose Zuniga, Bill Camp, Scott Haze, Eduardo Verastegui, Alanna De La Rossa, Gerardo Taracena, Javier Godino, Yessica Borroto Perryman, Ariel Sierra, Alejandro Muela, Eduardo Gomez Montverde, Cristal Aparicio, Manny Perez.

This movie is directed by Alejandro Monteverde and produced by Santa Fe Films. Written by the director himself and Rod Barr, the cinematographers Gorka Gomez and Andreu Aec along with the editor Brian Scofield has delivered this awes trucking piece of work to the audiences under Angel Studios. The movie might be a bit longer than 2 hours. We can assure you, U.S. citizens will have a wonderful time watching Sound Of Freedom on 4th of July. It is their Independence Day.

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