Is Ajmer 92 Based On A True Story?

Among every other crime that happens on an everyday basis in India, rapes are absolutely the worst. The incident leaves the victims feeling weak, disgusted, disturbed and horrified for the rest of their lives. It takes away their will to step out, to be around people, and in some cases, their will to live. Although cases of rapes and gangrapes happen throughout the whole of our country till date, the Ajmer Rape Case of 1992 still remains one of the most petrifying incidents in the history of crime in India.

Ajmer 92: A Horrifying True Story

Rajasthan remains one of the remarkable places with rich culture and history embedded in its foundation. But in 1992, local newspaper reporters of Dainik Navajyoti uncovered some incidents that shook the very earth of Rajasthan. According to their reports, in Ajmer, more than a hundred girls were repeatedly gangraped by the local gang members. Every girl who had to face this horrible fate were either school girls, or college goers.

As everything was coming under the light, the police were starting to take necessary action. Under investigation, they found out that not only the offenders raped the victims on multiple occasions, but they also stored the naked pictures of them. So, they were forced to keep their mouths shut while the criminals continued with their evil plan. Since the criminals were powerful in terms of social and financial status, it was quite difficult for the victims to come forward and seek justice.

People were more shocked to discover that two men from the Khadim Family were leading these group of predators throughout the whole scandal. Farooq and Nafis used to devise the plans – under their leadership, a lot of the gang members attracted the girls with false promises into the furthest compounds. Then they used them deliberately to satisfy their evil needs. They kept on increasing their preys by forcing the girls to introduce their other classmates. To every renowned rich family, there’s always darkness below their glorifying lamp. Khadim Family was such a renowned family. But eventually, they faced trials in court. Among the 18, a lot of them even faced life sentence.

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Ajmer 92: Plot Of The Movie

Recently, since The Kerala Story came out, a lot controversial films have started to gain prominence. These movies bring out the saddest and the most terrifying tragedies that continue to haunt the lives of people till today. Like them, we have an upcoming movie “Ajmer 92”. It is releasing on July 14, 2023. The plot of the movie revolves around The Ajmer Dargah rape case that happened in the year 1992. Amidst the rows that are currently going on regarding this film, let us dive into the plot details.

The film essentially revolves around the brutal events of Ajmer. Since, members of a particular religion has emerged as criminals in this movie, there is a lot of legal controversies going on since the teaser came out. The movie takes the spectators through a spine-chilling journey that involves the destruction of the lives of girls from various schools and colleges. They are getting raped, their pictures are getting taken by their predators.

A lot of them are close to putting an end to their suffering. As stated previously, the renowned Khadim family members involved in the crimes, keep on roaming around in broad daylight. They continue to include more victims in their evil wreath. They continue to blackmail the girls and rape for numerous times. We get to see the true horrors of the lives of rape victims. The audience gets to feel the traumas of the victims and their everyday lives as they try their best to cope up with reality. To know whether they get their well-deserved justice or not, and what happens to the serial offenders involved, you will have to wait and watch this movie.

The Team of Ajmer 92:

Directed by Pushpendra Singh, the star-studded cast of Ajmer 92 includes Rajesh Sharma as SP Ranjeet who remains instrumental in uncovering the truth. Other notable cast members include Manoj Joshi, Karan Verma, Zarina Wahab, Brijendra Kala, Shalini Kapoor, Alka Amin, Sayaji Shinde, Akash Dahiya, Mahesh Balraj, Sumit Singh. The plot has been built by the director himself, along with Suraj Pal Rajak, Gyanendra Pratap Singh. The movie is produced by Umesh Kumar Tiwari.

There are controversies and opinions that it might cause a great rift socially and religiously. I will recommend you to give it a watch once the movie comes out.

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