Is Snoop Dogg’s Son Dating Eminem’s Daughter? Did Hailey Break Off Her Engagement For Cordell?

If absurdity has limits, rumours would have never prevailed. Since the scenario isn’t as such, speculations are all around us. One such speculation is creating waves in the world of rap music. Is Snoop Dog’s son dating Eminem’s daughter? The question is prevailing wildly and fans of the 97 Bonnie and Clyde singer, Eminem, are flabbergasted to hear about this rumour.

Recently, Eminem and Snoop Dog shared the stage together and their bright smiles have been evidence enough of their strong friendship. Eminem’s daughter, Hailey Jade, and Snoop Dog’s son, Cordell Broadus are familiar with each other, too. They have known each other for years and seem quite comfortable with each but are they dating? Here’s everything you need to know about these rumours!

Is Snoop Dogg’s Son Dating Eminem’s Daughter?

Hailey Jade has been Eminem’s muse from her childhood and now, as an adult, she keeps making her father proud. Recently, Eminem dedicated yet another album, Castle, to Hailey. Despite being surrounded by rap and music, Hailey has decided to make a name for herself away from Eminem’s shadow. She is now a podcaster and entrepreneur.

Cordell Broadus, similar to Hailey, hasn’t followed in his father’s footsteps. Instead, he has launched his career in a different field, away from musical beats and rap verses. Cordell is a Web3 and Crypto entrepreneur who launched a 1 million dollar fund for artists. He is a form advocate of blockchain technology and is constantly on the move, trying to establish a name for himself.

When it comes to Cordell and Hailey’s dating rumours, it is as baseless as stupid. There is no evidence of who or what enabled these rumours to flourish, just like with everything Internet-related, the news spread instantly. Though Hailey and Cordell are acquainted with each other through their parents, they are nothing more than that.

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Hailey Jade Is Engaged To Evan McClintock

The Just A Little Shady podcaster and the high school homecoming queen have reflected on her life gradually. In her podcast, Hailey shares little details about her life and opens up about being the daughter of a man who is hailed as the Rap God. Eminem often refers to her as his Christmas present and is especially proud that she can hold her own.

In 2016, Hailey met Evan McClintock at Michigan State University and the duo immediately clicked together. They started dating a while later and have been officially together for half a decade now. Both their social media handles are brimming with photos of each other smiling gratefully.

On February 4, 2023, Hailey and Evan got engaged after dating each other for six years. Hailey took it to Instagram to announce their big day before Evan narrated his experience of asking Eminem’s permission on Hailey’s podcast. The couple is still happily engaged to each other and is planning to tie the knot soon.

Cordell Is Expecting A Third Child

While Eminem’s daughter has found her special someone, Snoop Dog’s son, too, isn’t holding back either. His business is now stable and Cordell is constantly looking out for opportunities to grow it further. Cordell is trying to reach out to newer heights in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. While his career is now running smoothly, his personal life seems to be sorted, too.

In late December 2022, Cordell and his wife, Phia, announced their third pregnancy on Instagram. Posing along with Phia and his children, Cordoba and Chateau, Cordell shared his excitement with his fans in a series of Instagram photos.

Both Hailey and Cordell are enjoying their separate lives and are happily in a relationship with their respective partners. Whoever started these rumours haven’t been paying close attention to Eminem’s daughter and Snoop Dog’s son, it seems.

Is Snoop Dogg’s Son Dating Eminem’s Daughter: FAQs

1. Who Is Hailey Jade?

Hailey is the daughter of the well-renowned rapper, Eminem. She hosts a podcast entitled, Just A Little Shady in the summer of 2022 and now owns a merchandise line inspired by her podcast.

2. Who Is Cordell Broadus?

Cordell is the son of Snoop Dog, the popular rapper, and is a self-made entrepreneur. He owns a crypto enterprise and is keenly interested in blockchain technology.

3. Is Snoop Dogg’s Son Dating Eminem’s Daughter?

No, Cordell and Hailey aren’t dating.

4. Who Started The Rumours Of Hailey And Cordell Dating?

The source of these rumours isn’t known yet.

5. Is Hailey Jade Engaged?

Yes, Hailey is engaged to Evan McClinton.

6. Who Is Cordell Broadus Dating?

Cordell is married to Phia for almost half a decade now.

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