Is Pablo Escobar’s Wife Still Alive? Exploring The Life Of Maria Victoria Henao!

Pablo Escobar is a very famous name in the world of crime. The King of Cocaine has gained enormous popularity in the dark world. Although he was not at all the same negative personality in his family. His love and affectionate nature for his loved ones never made them feel he was a mafia.

According to Maria Victoria Henao, Pablo was her Prince Charming who loved her immensely. However, she never liked his involvement in the criminal world. His violence, drug dealing activities, as well as his affairs with numerous women, always became the reasons for her sorrows. 

Is Pablo Escobar’s Wife Still Alive? 

Pablo Escobar’s Wife is still alive. She is living with a different identity in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She got married to Pablo at the minor age of 17. Her whole family was against the marriage. However, she was madly in love with him and also claims that Pablo may be a devil to others but he treated her like a princess from the very beginning.

After the death of the king of cocaine, the family had to suffer in silence. They did not get a chance to even mourn in the open air. The whole of the country hated Pablo and since the family carried his name, they were hated on the same measure. 

The situation became so gruesome for  Victoria and her children that they had no other option than to fly away from Columbia. Police and forces took away everything that was Pablo’s. The countrymen hated him with all their hearts and soul. Hence it was not at all safe for Victoria to keep her children and herself in that country. 

They flew away to Argentina. Even after trying to move on from the nightmare, the world did not let her do that. She along with her son got arrested on the charges of money laundering and theft. Later they were released. She stated that the arrest was not for what she did but on the basis of who she was. The world saw her and her children with the same perspective as they used to Pablo. 

However, she had claimed and stated numerous times that she never liked Pablo’s involvement in the criminal world. She never supported him for that and also had to face his wrath for her disagreement.

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Aftermath Of Pablo’s Demise!

As Maria and her children grow older, it becomes tougher for them to cope with the consequences of Pablo’s death. Although Maria wanted a stable home for her children, Pablo’s reputation follows the family wherever it goes. As a result of a television show in 1999 that revealed Maria’s and her son’s location, even in spite of taking extra precautions in an effort to avoid getting caught, the two of them were arrested in 1999. 

They were charged with money laundering and theft. During the investigation, it was discovered that Maria was involved in drug trafficking and was knowledgeable about Pablo’s business. Despite all the accusations, she denied them, saying that she was Pablo’s wife and had nothing to do with his illegal activities and that she had no involvement with them. They were later released due to lack of evidence.

Who Was Pablo Escobar- The King Of Drugs?

Born in the year 1949, 1st of December. Among the most famous Colombian drug lords and drug terrorists of all time, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria owned and ran the Medellin Cartel founded and led by him. He has gained immense popularity in the dark world of drugs and narcotics. 

In spite of his dark reality and hatred amongst the masses, he remained the family- man. He loved his wife and kids. However, his love for his wife did not resist him from having numerous relationships with other women. The harsh truth was known to his wife as well, who in an interview has spoken about her extra-marital affairs. 

It is estimated that Pablo’s net worth was around $30 billion when he died, making him the wealthiest criminal in history, as the movie name ‘the King of Cocaine’ had an estimated net worth of US $30 billion when he was alive, equivalent to approximately $70 billion by 2022 when his drug cartel had monopolised the cocaine trade in the United States during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Pablo Escobar’s Wife?

Maria Victoria Henao is Pablo Escobar’s wife.

2. At the time of marriage what was Victoria’s age?

She got married to Pablo at the minor age of 17.

3. When was Pablo Escobar born?

He was born in the year 1949,1st of December.

4. Where is Maria Victoria living now?

She has moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina with her children.

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