Did Nalini Ends Up With Mohan? Nalini Silently Bids Goodbye To Mohan!

Devi Vishwakumar is back to entertain us. We couldn’t have asked for a better ending than this, from being super anxious and depressed over every wrong thing in her life to finally getting into Princeton University, Devi has taught us so many things. The teen drama comes with a blend of both comedy and romance and the very last message of the show surely got our attention the most. We just completed all 10 episodes of Never Have I Ever Season 4 and we still couldn’t absorb the fact that Devi is going to her dream college. 

A brand new life waits for Devi, it is indeed going to be another exciting, weird, and troubled journey for her, but this time she is ready to face them all. Devi and her mother, Nalini, have always been under the spotlight and it seems like both have decided to move on now. Who could have barely thought that Devi would be okay with her mother dating Mr. Ramos? It seems like Nalini is ready to give life another chance, after all, she too deserves some love and care. 

Did Nalini Ends Up With Mohan?

Never Have I Ever Season 4 – Nalini Silently Bids Goodbye To Mohan!

When Devi was just 15, that’s when she lost her father while her mother, Nalini lost her loving husband, Mohan. It will always be the most tragic incident of their lives, and Nalini will never stop missing Mohan but at some point, she too had to move on! And this is where we meet Mr. Andres Ramos. Thanks to Principal Grubbs, if she wouldn’t have cared at all to call them up, then Devi’s mother would have never met Margot’s dad. 

Their first meet was pretty intense and heated, little did they know that their kids were fighting over Ben! But it seems like Nalini was bound to cross paths with Andres. The latest news is ‘Pati’ got a boyfriend and Lenny was the one who brought Andres to the house. The stairs needed to be fixed and who could be a better than Mr Ramos? Nalini wasn’t much happy to see him again, but as time went they could sense that they complete one another. 

Devi’s mother had lost her husband while Andres’ wife cheated on him, both were lonely and how could we forget about the time when Nalini was alone in the house? Guess what, Andres was correct, absolute silence is not much enjoyable and quite harmful as well. Both started knowing one another and thus, a beautiful love story soon evolved between them. 

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Never Have I Ever Season 4 – Beginning Of A New Phase And Learning The Art Of Letting Go! 

Never Have I Ever Season 4 – Nalini Silently Bids Goodbye To Mohan!

Not only Devi, Kamala, and Nalini found love in their lives, but “Pati” too got a shoulder to rest on! Her white boyfriend, Lenny proposed to her and it seems like Kamala was so wrong about him. He wasn’t looking out for Nirmala’s money but rather planning a stable future for their lives. Moreover, how can we not talk about their wedding ceremony? Everyone got to wear Indian and surprisingly, this time everyone had a pair! Eleanor had Trent, Paxton got into a relationship with Lindsay, Fabiola had Addison, Kamala was still with Manish and Devi was back with Ben. 

Nirmala’s positive attitude towards life must have enlightened some hope within everyone. In the very last moments of the show, Nalini took off her locket and this means she is ready to look forward. Mohan will always remain close to Devi’s heart but she also wanted to see her mother happy! Now that she is leaving for college and moving to New Jersey, she wanted someone to stay with Nalini and Andres was the right man for her. After so many years, Nalini got the courage to be in love again and this marks the beginning of a new phase. 

With Never Have I Ever Season 4 signing off, McEnroe too gets a leave from reporting! But what’s worth noticing is, how the writers have shown us Devi’s complete maturity journey. She is now growing into an adult, handling things way better than she would have handled in Season 1! To learn more about Never Have I Ever Season 4, you have to binge all 10 episodes of this enthralling teen drama.

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