Awez Darbar Net Worth: Is He A Millionaire? 

The very talented, funny, and handsome Awez Darbar is back in the spotlight! Over the past few years, he has made an exceptional career through his highly popular TikTok account! But hey there, even when TikTok got banned, his popularity never really dipped down. He is mostly known for his dance skills and funny side! Awez Darbar is among the young talents who managed to graph a successful career through social media and other entertainment platforms. Even he didn’t imagine that one day every person in India will know his name. After all, how could we ever forget the fact that he happens to be the most renowned TikTok celebrity in India? He has also collaborated with a bunch of Indian actors and other famous personalities. 

Awez Darbar Net Worth

Is Awez Darbar A Awez Darbar Millionaire?

This surely happens to be the most searched question around him! Awez Darbar came into the spotlight in the year 2014! His dance videos truly impressed the audience out there! It would be fair to say that his choreography skills are unbeatable! His career flourished through YouTube videos and then he took over the country through TikTok! Before TikTok got banned, Awez Darbar and his dance videos were almost everywhere. There still isn’t a teenager who isn’t aware of Awez Darbar’s success story! 

TikTok is no longer accessible in India, but Awez Darbar has somehow managed to regain and retain his fan following. You will be shocked to know how many followers and subscribers he has got over the years! A total of 28.6 million people follow him on Instagram, some of which also includes the names of famous celebrities! This explains how popular he is among the young crowd! Coming to the answer you all have been waiting for, well Awez Darbar is surely among the millionaires of India! He holds a net worth of $6 million, according to our estimates, by the end of this year, this figure will again go up!

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Awez Darbar – Career And Growth!

Growing up, Awez always wanted to make a career out of his dance skills and now he has a dance academy of his own! Who would have thought that one day, this man will be known as the finest dancer in India? His collaborations and music videos with Nagma Mirajkar have got a different fanbase out there. Sources confirmed that he charges at least 1 lakh for every Instagram post. This explains how he made 49 crores over the years! 

His income is mostly derived from brand collaborations and sponsorships. Again, he also earns a good amount of money from his dance videos! Moreover, he also runs a dance academy under the name of B You Dance Academy. Recently, he has also collaborated with a Young clothing brand named Spykar! This has also boosted his net worth. Awez Darbar is a standing example for all the young male dancers out there. He worked immensely hard to make a career out of his talent! Before success knocked at his door, he had to make a path across hardships and struggles! 

Is Awez Darbar Ready To Marry Nagma Mirajkar? 

Is Awez Darbar A Awez Darbar Millionaire?

This happens to be the most asked question out there. Whether it’s their real or reel life, the chemistry between these two has always caught our attention! Both have been together for years now. “Nawez” fans are surely waiting to hear their wedding bells. A few of their prominent music videos happen to be Bahana, Mera Mehboob, and Kisi Aur Naal. The duo has always been with one another, and highly dedicated towards their respective career paths! Just like Awez, Nagma is also a renowned social media influencer and has got a good amount of popularity out there. 

It would be quite fair to say that they never really parted ways! Recently, we heard that the two have decided to get engaged! The flattering ring on Nagma’s hand clearly explains it all. They have taken the next big step of their relationship and it seems like we would soon hear about their wedding bells. They are pretty much a standing example of a highly compatible couple! That’s all for now, to learn more about other popular celebrities and social media influencers, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Is Awez Darbar A Millionaire? – FAQs

1. What is Awez Darbar’s current net worth?

As of May 2023, Awez Darbar earns a total of $6 million!

2. Is Awez Darbar still with Nagma Mirajkar?

Yes, Awez Darbar is still with Nagma Mirajkar.

3. Is Awez Darbar getting married this year?

Hopefully, the rumors are false, Awez Darbar is surely not getting married this year.

4. Is Awez Darbar engaged to Nagma Mirajkar?

Yes, Awez Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar are now engaged!

5. Who is the most renowned TikTok star in India?

Awez Darbar happens to be the most renowned TikTok star in India.

6. What is the name of Awez Darbar’s dance academy?

Awez Darbar owns B You Dance Academy.

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