Obsession Season 2 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities!

When you forget the difference between right and wrong, when you do everything possible for that particular person, when love overpowers everything you see, that’s where obsession begins. A brand new adult drama series is streaming exclusively on Netflix and we have already penned the review for the same. But hey there, won’t you like to watch a few more episodes of this show? Won’t you love to know what might happen next with Anna or Jay? Well, we have a bunch of questions left in our basket and you know what, this popular Netflix series has recently got a place in the Top 10 list of Netflix, so there might be a slight possibility left for Season 2. Fans have already started voting for the renewal of the series! So, on popular demand, here is everything we know about Obsession Season 2! 

Obsession Season 2 Release Date

Obsession Season 2 Release Date

Before we begin our discussion on Obsession Season 2, let us remind you all that this particular Netflix series is a limited series and hence there is really low possibility left for the second installment of the show. So far we have heard nothing about the renewal of the series and thus we heavily doubt whether the show will be coming back with season 2 or not. 

But again we cannot overlook the popularity of the show, the recently launched Netflix series, Obsession has got a good amount of fan base out there. The ratings look extremely impressive and thus we hope to see a few more episodes of Obsession. But we suggest, don’t raise your expectations too much! As of now, Netflix has been absolutely silent on Obsession Season 2! 

This has worried the fans a bit, but again from the very beginning, Netflix has given in their final wording! If we consider everything, then we too think that the show will not be renewed for Season 2! But you can never know what might be in the mind of Netflix! So even if the show gets a green signal from the popular OTT platform, then also Season 2 might not release before the summer of 2024. 

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Let’s Run Through The Synopsis of Obsession Season 1 

Let’s recapitulate the story a bit, let’s start from the beginning! A thrilling Netflix drama series that brought shivers down our spine. This is her side of the story, this is where it all begins! Sometimes your past traumas can destroy you from within and so was Anna’s whole life. But then she met Jay, the only man who was deeply in love with her and could have done everything possible to be with her. Things were running extremely well, she was finally happy and content with Jay, and they even had plans to settle down together. But the main twist appeared when Anna met William! 

The strong energy which lies between the two, the attraction which they felt, those burning sensations, that intense will to stay a bit long with one another, is this where William forgot the difference between right and wrong? Their obsession will destroy everything they had in life, this is one of the most toxic forms of a love story! To know what all lies in the future of William, Anna, and Jay, head straight to Netflix and binge all the episodes of Obsession Season 1.

What Will Happen In Obsession Season 2?

Obsession Season 2 Release Date

As we mentioned above, Obsession Season 2 might never appear on Netflix! It’s under the limited category and there is very low hope left for the renewal of the series but again what if Netflix gives the green light to Obsession Season 2? If the show comes back with another intriguing plotline, then we will surely learn more about Anna and her past life. Moreover, the ending of the series didn’t quite satisfy us, many fans think there is still room for more. Not all questions were answered! We did see Anna and Jay getting engaged but the story didn’t end there! Do we know the whole truth or is there any lie still hidden somewhere within Anna’s life? Well, only time will answer these many questions! That’s all for now, to learn more about thrilling and intriguing  Netflix movies and series, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Obsession Season 2 Release Date – FAQs

1. Is the latest Netflix series, Obsession renewed for Season 2?

No, as of now, the latest Netflix series, Obsession is not renewed for Season 2.

2. When will Obsession Season 2 premiere?

If the series is renewed this year, then Obsession Season 2 might premiere somewhere around the summer or autumn of 2024.

3. Is Obsession Season 2 canceled by Netflix?

No, Obsession Season 2 is neither confirmed nor canceled by Netflix.

4. How many episodes are there in Obsession Season 1?

Obsession Season 1 holds a total of 4 episodes.

5. Is Obsession a “limited” Netflix series?

Yes, the latest Netflix series, Obsession has been listed under the limited category.

6. Can you watch Obsession Season 1 online?

Yes, all four episodes of Obsession Season 1 can be viewed on Netflix.

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