John Wick Part 5 And 6 Release Date: Will John Wick’s Legacy Continue?

John Wick is one of those assassins no action thriller fan is oblivious from. He is cruel, cold-hearted, merciless and yet one of the most beloved assassins offered by Hollywood. A man with hundreds of layers, dozens of nicknames and tons of tricks under his belt, Wick has become a legendary character. John Wick, the movie franchise, follows Wick’s story as he embarks on the journey to take down his enemies and get out of the underworld once and for all. Now, only if it were that easy.

The fourth instalment in the series was released in the theatres just a while ago and ain’t it the rollercoaster we were expecting? With John Wick Chapter 4 currently trending, questions regarding John Wick’s parts 5 and 6 are gaining momentum. We are all holding our breaths for any kind of confirmation we can get our hands on, right? Let’s find out if the makers share our enthusiasm or if we are to keep awaiting the confirmation for John Wick’s parts 5 and 6 longer!

John Wick Part 5 And 6 Release Date

The Boogeyman, John Wick, is nothing short of an enigma. Hailing from a dark past, and bearing a sordid history, Wick is currently capturing millions of viewers worldwide. It has been four parts of this movie franchise and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the fans are nowhere closer to bidding goodbye to Wick. John is one such character that hardly gets old, he would forever be alive in the hearts of his fans even if he dies–which happened sadly in John Wick chapter 4.

Wick’s death is the main reason John Wick’s part 5 is a major question these days. Will we get to witness part 5 even if Wick is dead? How would the makers bring forward another instalment in this franchise without Baba Yaga? Seems like the makers are gearing up to bid the franchise goodbye, right? But, the speculations suggest something else. According to these rumours, John Wick part 5 is currently in production and is expected to drop sometime around 2025, not before that. 

As for John Wick part 6, we would have to wait a bit longer to hear any speculations and confirmations. Even though these are just speculations, all of us John Wick fans are hoping for them to prove to be true. But the makers’ words are diminishing that hope.

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What Are The Makers Planning To Do With The John Wick Legacy?

John Wick Part 5 And 6 Release Date

Written by Derek Kolstad, John Wick is a highly exceptional addition to the action thriller genre. Brought to us by Lionsgate, and directed by the former stuntmen and now famous director, Chad Stahelski, John Wick is a cherished project. Each of these contributors has been working day and night to bring their dream come true. For four parts, they have been keeping Wick close to their hearts and open for all of us to be enamoured. Long before the third part of John Wick hit the theatres, Lionsgate announced its plan to shoot John Wick chapter 4 and 5 simultaneously.

But the plan didn’t work out and Stahelski ended up going ahead with just the fourth chapter. According to Stahelski and Keanu Reeves, the popular actor portraying John Wick, shooting both parts simultaneously wasn’t a smart move. Maybe, it is their diplomatic way to hint that chapter 5 isn’t in their plans anymore. The director-actor duo have claimed that John Wick, no matter how legendary, had to end. And that they have done justice to their hero in chapter 4. This comment significantly decreases the chances of John Wick part 5 and 6.

But, on the other hand, Stahelski has mentioned that he might reconsider if chapter 4 hits the mark and garners enough audience attention. These mixed signals are giving the audience a whiplash, right? Why claim that they are giving John Wick a rest and that the future depends on the audience at the same time? Alas, we have no option but to await the confirmation regarding John Wick parts 5 and 6.

Will Keanu Reeves Be Seen In John Wick Part 5 And 6?

Now this is probably the main question all the fans are harbouring aside from John Wick parts 5 and 6, right? Ever since we got to witness chapter 4’s tragic ending, we are all harbouring this question. John Wick, the assassin who survived hundreds of gunshots, outsmarted the deadliest of mob leaders, dealt with death several times, and finally tastes death. The major aspects of Wick’s character, his backstory and morals, always pave way for his future. Be it his wife’s death or his puppy’s, Wick is led by loss, anger and grief. So, when a blind assassin, Cane, stands against Wick to save his daughter, Wick succumbs to death. 

According to him, there is nothing more shattering than losing the one you love since he has experienced losing his love. Wick’s death brings us to this question; will Keanu Reeves be seen in John Wick parts 5 and 6? Well, the answer to this question is undecided yet. Though Reeves has claimed that the makers might have ideas about the future of the series, he also mentions that he is done with John Wick for the time being. So, the chances of him returning for these sequels are 50-50.

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What To Expect From John Wick Part 5 And 6?

John Wick Part 5 And 6 Release Date

John Wick wouldn’t be this legendary if it didn’t have a gripping plot and commendable action. Of course, the perplexing tricks, bucketloads of blood and a hefty amount of corpses. When talking about the future of the franchise, the makers are certainly holding back. But, as audiences, we can predict a bit about the plot of John Wick chapter 4, right? 

John Wick Chapter 4 ends with showcasing how Baba Yaga sacrificed himself for Caine’s daughter and tasted death. But somehow, that doesn’t bode well with us. It is worth noting that Wick has survived an incomprehensible amount of attacks and bullet shots. Also, we never really get to witness John dragging his last breaths. All we get to witness is a cremation ceremony with Bowery King and Winston paying their tributes. If we think deeply about it, the makers haven’t really expressed that Wick is dead; they have left it to us to assume it happened. And it isn’t as if the makers why away from portraying brutal violence and death.

If we are to predict chapter 5’s storyline, we could expect Wick to have outsmarted the High Table and forged his death. Caine might have helped Wick stage his death so that he won’t have to outwardly kill him but have his daughter back. Also, since Wick is a master of disguise and trickery, the plot wouldn’t be overdramatic. Let’s see what happens in the future of John Wick.

What Is The John Wick Movie Series About?

“Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat!”

John Wick is a myth and a mystery to his enemies but an enigma to his fans. Born as Jardani Jovanovich, Wick was initially adopted by the Ruska Roma, a deadly criminal ring. Then, he was trained to take down hundreds of enemies and become an assassin. Wick did fine for decades, ran errands for Ruska Roma and inked his skin as much as possible. One of his tattoos–the most appraised by his fans–symbolizes how fortune is on the side of the most daring and courageous.

As someone who believes in such intense words, Wick is quite violent and rage-driven. That is, until he meets the love of his life, Helen, and decides to let go of his cruel methods. This requires Wick to get out of the mob and that is nothing short of a miracle-worthy endeavour. And even though somehow Wick manages to get out unscathed, would Helen survive it? The answer, as we know it to be, is no. 

Helen doesn’t survive it and ends up losing her life to cancer. Her death paves way for John to return to the mob; this time for vengeance. This movie franchise, John Wick, explores Wick’s journey from being an orphan to an assassin. It is a Hollywood action thriller that is brimming with twists, turns, mysteries, weapons, crimes and blood.

John Wick Part 5 And 6: FAQs

1. What Is John Wick Series About?

It is centred around the life of an assassin, John Wick. It explores his journey and lets the audience have a glimpse of Wick’s cold exterior and intense monologues.

2. Is John Wick Part 5 In Production?

Though it is speculated that the makers are already gearing up for John Wick part 5, there is no confirmation available yet.

3. Will There Be John Wick Part 6?

John Wick’s part 6 depends entirely on part 5 which is yet not confirmed.

4. Is John Wick Movie Franchise Worth Watching?

If you are into action movies and enjoy watching crime thrillers, John Wick is a movie franchise you should get your hands on.

5. Is A Trailer Available For John Wick Part 5 And 6?

No, there is no trailer for either part of John Wick available yet.

6. Is John Wick Movie Franchise Available Online?

You can watch the first three chapters of the movie on Peacock and the fourth chapter in theatres. John Wick Chapter 4 will arrive on Peacock soon hopefully.

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