Inception Part 2 Release Date: All You Need to Know About The Rumors

When we say, it is among the greatest movies of all time, then we truly mean this statement! Yet again, fans are going crazy over Inception Part 2, and guess what you are not the only one waiting for this masterpiece. Years have passed by but Inception Part 2 looks like a long-lost dream. It has been in high talk for a decade now, but hey there, the main question remains, when will Inception Part 2 release?

Last year, we heard the movie might release this year, a similar statement was made in 2020 as well. People started assuming that their wait of 10 years will be ending soon, everyone had pretty high hopes for the second part of the movie. But Inception Part 2 never happened. There are endless rumors on the same, but have you ever thought about why Christopher Nolan has been adamant to work on Inception Part 2? Well, we have given deep thought to this one and we might have the answer you are looking for. So, here is a roundup of Inception Part 2. 

Inception Part 2 Release Date

Inception Part 2 Is Not Happening?

Still, waiting for the release date of Inception Part 2? Well, we won’t give you any false hopes, but it’s high time now and as per our deep studies Inception 2 might never happen or release. Inception was surely Nolan’s best creation, there is no doubt in this but we do doubt the return of the classic thriller movie! Ever since we saw Inception, fans have been bombarding Nolan with questions on Part 2. After all, the movie ended on an open note, there is obviously some space left for Part 2! But then also, we cannot overlook the fact that Part 2 can be a risky game for Nolan. 

Why would he disturb the popularity of Inception? Ask yourself, will you not watch Inception again? Well, more than 12 years have gone by, but we would still sit and enjoy the movie, the storyline of the movie attracts us the most, that’s what makes it stand out from the crowd. Again, if you think deeply the story of Dom Cobb is over. All this explains why Nolan doesn’t want to work on Part 2. Moreover, sources confirmed that Inception was always meant to be a solo movie. 

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Inception – Exploring The Storyline Again!

Inception Part 2 Is Not Happening?

Watch it ten times in a row, but still, you wouldn’t mind binging it again. We might not get a chance to see Inception part 2, but we can always re-watch Part 1. So here is a memory down the lane, let’s travel back to the year 2010! This brings us to Dom Cobb and his excellent team of three. Here begins his ultimate mission of raiding the future life! It all comes down to one thing, performing inception into Robert’s mind. The mastermind of this plan was Saito, but the key driver was always Cobb. Saito wanted to ruin Maurice’s business empire and thus he hired Cobb for his gigantic mission. 

But no one knew how complicated this journey will be, Cobb got a hold of Eames, Yusuf, and Ariadne and thus they start working on the dream’s architecture, three levels set and the rollercoaster ride begins. This is where the future clashes with reality, this is where science dominates everyone’s life and this is where the race begins, the race of survival and knowing the ultimate truth. Inception truly shocked us to the core. The graphics used in the movie surprised us to another level. After all, there was a reason why people went crazy over this one!

What Will Be The Story Of Inception Part 2?

Cobb’s arc is complete, the story was always meant to end like that! Thus, when we talk about the storyline of Inception Part 2, we think from a highly different perspective, we generally look out for something new, something better, and something extremely extravagant from the first part of the movie. After all, the graph should always go up. Inception Part 2 can be based on a completely new story.

The movie can literally lead us anywhere. One thing which will remain common would be further exploration of science and scientific inventions. Well, that’s all for now, to learn more about intriguing movies and interesting series, stay connected with us, just right here!

Inception Part 2 Is Not Happening? – FAQs

1. Is Inception Part 2 canceled?

No, Inception Part 2 was never confirmed or canceled officially.

2. Is Christopher Nolan working on Inception Part 2?

No, Christopher Nolan is not working on Inception Part 2.

3. Has the filming started for Inception Part 2?

No, the filming hasn’t started yet for Inception Part 2.

4. When will Inception Part 2 premiere?

Inception Part 2 still doesn’t have an estimated or concrete release date.

5. Is there any trailer available for Inception Part 2?

No, as of now, there is no teaser or trailer available for Inception Part 2.

6. Is Inception Part 2 releasing this year?

No, Inception Part 2 is not releasing this year.

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