Has John Wick Ever Killed A Civilian? Explaining Fan Theory!

Action-packed Hollywood thrillers do not have many releases in India. However, times are changing, and we are getting to watch these blockbuster hits on screen. You probably have guessed which movie I am hinting at here. Yes! It is John Wick. The recent movie has taken the audience of India by storm. This is the first time we are getting to witness a John Wick film on the big screen, and we cannot keep calm. 

John Wick is full of action. Throughout the movie, you will witness various scenes of actions like kicking, punching, dangerous fights, and shooting. Have you ever wondered if these shots have affected civilians or not? Here, we are going to explore the possibilities of such an incident that has occurred in the John Wick films. 

Has John Wick Ever Killed A Civilian?

This is a legitimate question that may have come to your mind when you were watching the films. Many of us have faced this question, and in reality, there is no concrete answer to this question. 

The film focuses on Wick and his action. Anything beyond that is not the film’s concern, but at the same time, they cannot show the protagonist killing innocent people. Now, can they? Probably no. Hence, whatever scenes we have witnessed till now, there has been no such killing. The creators of the film have tactfully eliminated the possibility of civilian casualties in the film franchise. 

Till now, there has not been a civilian killed by John Wick. However, that is what we have been shown on screen. There is no evidence that Wick has killed any civilians during his missions. This is an ambiguous situation. We have not seen any civilians dead at the hands of John Wick. Hence, we can conclude that John Wick has never killed a civilian. 

Nevertheless, we can only base our conclusion on Wick’s life after his wife passed away because it is from here that the films continue. What Wick did before his wife came into his life, we do not know. He may have killed civilians in his missions at that time probably, but these are only our speculations. There is no strong ground for this speculation. 

According to whatever has been shown in the films so far, John Wick has not harmed any civilian. His only mission has been to target his enemies and not the innocent. 

John Wick Story

The story of John Wick picks up from the time of his wife’s death. Before he met his wife, he was a famous underworld personality, and a hitman, and everybody feared him. He used to work for Viggo. However, this thing changed after he fell in love. 

The story begins with his wife gifting him a puppy before she succumbs to her disease. The plot takes a turn and introduces Wick to the same world of blood and fights after his puppy is killed and his car is taken by some gangsters. At that time Wick did not know that the group was led by his former boss’s son Losef. 

When Wick gets to know about this, he takes up the arms that he had secured after he left his position. Hence, Wick goes on a mission to take revenge for killing the only thing that was gifted by the love of his life before she passed away. 

The films continue from this, and as the films progress we see how Wick again gets involved in the underworld that he had left once. What will be the fate of Wick? Well, you will know this after watching the recent film. 

John Wick Movies

There are four movies in the John Wick franchise. The first film was released in 2014. The fourth film is the most recent one. John Wick 4 can be seen in the theatres now. The film was released on 24th March 2023. The film is available almost in all the theatres. Book your tickets now so that you do not miss out on the action that has been followed in the fourth chapter of the life of John Wick. 

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John Wick Trailer

The trailer of the fourth film of John Wick has been provided at the beginning of the article. 

FAQS About John Wick 

1. Did John Wick kill any civilians?

No, John Wick did not kill any of the civilians in his films. 

2. Has the fourth film of John Wick been released?

Yes, the fourth film of John Wick has been released on 24th March 2023. 

3. How many films of John Wick are there?

There are four films of John Wick now. 

4. Who plays the role of John Wick?

Keanu Reeves plays the role of John Wick. 

5. What is the genre of John Wick?

John Wick belongs to the action-thriller genre. 

6. Where can I watch John Wick 4?

John Wick 4 is available for watching in the cinemas currently. 

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