The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 13 Recap And Ending Explained!

The bad batch show has been getting more and more complicated and diverse over time. As we all know in the last few episodes the bad batch members are just getting separated from each other and only a few remain in the team, however, is still the journey of keeping Omega safe and not mixing with the empire clones, while standing stead against them and not moving according to their will continues. However, who are going to be the allies and how will they survive in a universe where everyone and everything are in the hands of the empire? Season 1 of the show did very well, however in season 2, we lost many members of the team, and currently, the entire story has been going on, where the empire is onto replacing the clones, with other soldiers, which will be much more economically effective and at the same time, they are completely against the bad batch who are at a run. In the previous episode, we unexpectedly get to see cross-hair, who is slowly starting to understand how much the empire doesn’t care about them and he is not even given a condition to live.

The 13th episode has been very much awaited as everyone wants to know what happened to cross-hair after that, but unfortunately, we don’t get any more of the cross-hair content. We move back to the bad batch where we see the entire group, Hunter, Omega Wrecker, and Tech. however, if we move on to the ending of the episode, something has been very uncanny because the new island the sudden sea surge and Omega’s life again falling in danger, have surely confused everyone. But at the same time, the sudden change in Tech has also been loved by most fans out there.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

What Happens In The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 13 And Ending Explained!

For the recap of the show, we don’t start with the cross-hair content which we have seen in the past episode, echo hasn’t returned in this upside again, as we all know how much Omega was affected by Echo leaving and even though there was a mention of echo in the 11 episodes of the show, we don’t get any more updates regarding him in this one. In the previous episode only, we have seen that the bad batch has decided not to stay in contact with Cid and to work anymore for her; however, that is surely not easy.

The episode starts with Omega and Phee whom many of us remember, from the previous episode of the show, who is one of Cid’s friends and is much better as a person. Omega has accompanied her in retrieving some artifacts and as we all know she is a liberator of ancient weapons. They are dealing in some unique object with some crowders, who aim to obtain money from her without giving her the artifact. Now firstly they serve her with poison, but Phee being how she is immediately identified that and tells them that she is not going to fall into those tricks, when the crowder launches some kind of a species from down his seat secretly, which crawls and moves up the back of the seat of Phee and was nearly going to stunk her, however as we all know, Hunter was sitting just behind them and throws a dagger, to kill the species and rescue them.

Then we see an intense fighting scene between the bad batch and the crowders where we see a lot of cool tricks from Omega and Wrecker wrecking everyone out there, Tech was immediately called to the rescue and they ran away from there with the money as well as the artifact. Soon on the ship, we see that the bad batch gets a message from Cid who is quite angry and threats them regarding the losses she has had because of them, and Phee also makes some comments regarding how well Omega is growing but she may need some friends of her own age. Soon conversation initiates where the bad batch has no place to go and it is Phee who takes them to the island of Pabu.

The island of Pabu is basically a small island with very less resources and a place where most refugees live, they aren’t scared of the empire because they don’t have anything to give or benefit them, and the entire team meets with mayor Shep Hazard and he welcomes all of them with Lyana his daughter, who is near to Omega’s age.

The welcoming attitude and everything make the bad batch actually feel safe and comforting after a long time and Wrecker seems very happy with the food they are served, Tech also seems a bit moved by the hospitality and Hunter is impressed, they get to know about the upper Pabu and lower Pabu concept when Omega and Lyana start enjoying themselves and head on ab oat ride. Everything is going well when Phee soon asks Tech to enjoy the view of the entire island of Pabu lighting up, which he likes.

However, that is followed by Hunter noticing something and Wrecker understanding it too, the island of Pabu faces some tremors, and after that Tech analyses and confirms a sea surge. When the water starts rising Omega and Lyana are far away on the boat and Tech immediately asks them to return to the island, whereas the entire team bad batch starts evacuating g the lower Pabu and helping everyone to move to upper Pabu. We see Omega and Lyana being chased by a big wave and Hunter rescuing them in time, while the entire city of Pabu moves from the lower sector to the upper sector with the help of a bad batch.

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The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 13 Ending Explained

This episode of the bad batch has been very influential, because, after a long time, the team has landed somewhere where they are not on a mission, being chased and feeling at home.  We see that during the time the team is in Pabu the welcoming attitude of the people moves Tech quite a lot and he understands how to feel things, while Phee goes around teasing him.

Soon the entire city of Pabu is under a sea surge as we all mentioned, it was very certain and the alarms went off, very late which made the entire city fall at risk of being submerged and destroyed underwater, it was because of the help of bad batch who climbed up to the top of the island and with the help of Phee opened the ladders using which all of the people out there climbed up to the upper Pabu.

We also see that Lyana falls while running for her life but with the help of Omega, who genuinely has got a friend for the first time, and that too, of her own age, immediately saves her when Hunter arrives with the ship and they climb onto it.

Towards the end of the episode, we see all of them are safe, though they have lost their city the mayor is happy that all the people are alive, and along with that Omega Wrecker and Lyana are asleep because of how much struggle they had to go through. By the end of the episode, we see Tech and Hunter offer the mayor to stay there and help them rebuild the city once again.

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