The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 11 Recap And Ending Explained: What Was That Creature?

The Bad Batch has been taking quite an interesting turns over the last couple of episodes from what we have seen season has just given us the creation of the Bad Batch and how the team continues to make its way away from the imperial kingdom and is not working against the forces of Palpatine, however, they have lost some of their embers too which includes cross hair and recently by the second season we see the Bad Batch and echo parting ways which actually has got a great emotional toll on the mindset of Omega.

However, questions remain and answers are always not given by the Star Wars universe. One of the main things that we would like to confer is that episode 11, sees a new story, and the previous story which we got in episode 10 together came to end on a good note. However something very nice is awaited in episode 11 and one of the members of the Bad Batch whom almost every one of us missed, maybe will be coming back.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 11 Recap And Ending Explained!

Now for episode 11, we firstly start in a scattered way, where the first scene takes us on board a cargo shipment where everything looks devastated, and following that we get to see the intense looks on the face of an imperial soldier who is walking around with an electro staff, panting and running for his life, from what surely seems unknown. Though the scene ends with him being kidnapped or eaten by some kind of creature which surely didn’t get much affected by the electro staff.

Following that we get to a new scene where in the base under the command of Palpatine, Mistress Se has been captured and kept under supervision. There arrives Dr. Hemlock one of the scientists under Palpatine who is sent to convince Mistress Se to use her powers somehow and help them in the cloning plan which they have gotten over the years but can’t be done without the help of mistress Se’s help.

Though Dr. Hemlock tries his best to persuade and convince her, she is stuck with her ideals and no way can be moved, until and unless Dr. Hemlock finds a way to bend her knee in front of them. Now following all these comes the crucial information to Hemlock from an imperial guard that shipment number 904 has been lost and all forms of communication with them have been disabled, with no further ado, sent out immediate orders to get back that shipment at any cost and soon begins another mission of the Bad Batch.

Cid brings them the information of the current situation and after a lot of negotiation and with a 50% cut in mind, they go forward to find the cargo. However, things aren’t as easy as it seems.

When they get to the cargo, they find no human life in there and traces of the creature are very evitable. Tech is already sent out by Hunter to restore the power services of the shipment while the other three members end up wandering into a cold lab in search of some other clues and the assets in the cargo. Since then, everything changes, as a monster creature starts attacking them, and when they use their weapons on them nothing changes.  

The monster goes on a rampage and soon when tech comes to the help of the crew, we see the monster’s form changes into a much more humungous form while he goes around absorbing more energy from the power center of the ship.

Soon the creature escapes the shipment and heads towards the nearby village, where tech and Omega go on finding out about the creature in the lab, and Wrecker and Hunter try capturing the creature. However, they find the biggest obstacle in their path which is the imperial forces arrive and soon they have to run from there.

The creature is basically the cloning of a genetic structure that is immune to an electrical substance and feeds on it. Now towards the end, we see that the imperial forces capture all the villagers as well as the creature and the Bad Batch has to run away to save their lives.

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The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 11 Ending Explained

Toward the end of the episode, we see Dr. Hemlock finally getting his hands back on the Zillo creature which he has sent out for towards the start of the episode and along with that he has got his hands on the prime minister of the Tipoca city, and now they make a negotiation where Hemlock guarantees him his freedom in return asks for the means to pursue Nala Se and he gives them the information that the key to her persuasion is Omega after which Hemlock must be in the mindset to capture the girl because Nala Se is a big part of the upcoming plans of Emperor Palpatine.

Along with that we also see that the information that the Bad Batch collected from the cargo regarding the Zillo monster and what kind of cloning they have been after, they sent to Echo so that he can find something out about the situation.

What Was That Creature?

Now, something that we see being very unusual is that Hemlock doesn’t want the villagers to know about his plans or the existence of this creature to be leaked and that is one of the main reasons why the villagers were also taken in by the end of the episode. Along with that one big question that remains is what was the creature? It was actually a Zillo beast that would be used by the imperial forces to make some kind of armor that would have no effect from blaster fires just like the beast showed no effect.

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