Monsters At Work Season 2 Release Date: What’s In The Store?

Now mostly all of us have actually been a big fan of Monster Inc. and recently just a few years the Disney movie which was considered one of the great animated creations of the last decade gave up a sequel to the movie in form of a show and that is basically what monster at work is. It is the continuation of the same story and if you have watched the movie, you do know what the monster factory as well as the monster university is, and the monster factory which used to create energy from its evil means is now being turned into a better version of itself.

Now for those who haven’t watched the show at all, it’s an animated series that is basically based on a different universe where monsters exist and they have to qualify from the monsters university and many of them work in a monster factory where there is a lot of back story and evil things going on. The movie was a great hit and had receive an 8.1 imdb rating which is just huge, following the show or the sequel of the movie also received a 7.0 imdb rating which is more or less good.

Now after the first season of the show, there was a lot of anticipation regarding the second season of the show, but it was nowhere confirmed by the makers until very soon, and that is in the year 2022. Now from where the story was left in the previous season of the show, it was quite expected that we will be receiving more seasons of the show, however, the release dates and all other stuff haven’t been confirmed yet. for more news related to the show, we will have to wait a little longer.

Monsters At Work Season 2 Release Date

Monsters At Work Season 2 Release Date

Now the movie which is the start of the entire monsters franchise came out in the year 2001 and was one of the most successful creations of Disney back then. Though it was left on such a note that it was not expected to be renewed back again.

However back in 2020 it was again announced by the makers of the show, that they don’t want to let this movie franchise go to waste and thus they are bringing back a show sequel to the movie which finally made it to us on the 7th of July 2021 and with a total of 10 episodes it finally came to an end on the 1st of September 2021.

Now the second season of the show was finally confirmed in June months of 2022 after a long time wait from the fan, but the release dates of the show were not confirmed. Based on our prediction and stuff, the show will finally make it to us in the third quarter of 2023, though it can be delayed to the fourth quarter. Whenever it happens, it will have 10 episodes just like the previous season of the show, and will obviously be worth a watch.

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Monsters At Work Season 2 Story

As again for the story of the upcoming season of the show, we do not know yet where it will take, and we will have to wait for the trailer to be dropped for any more ideas regarding it. However based on where the story was left in the previous season of the show, we will see how mike and Sulley address the various problems the factory has been facing in the last season and the upcoming season, and overall it will just be based on the workings of the factory and more drama.

Monsters At Work Season 2 Characters

For the characters of the upcoming season of the show, we are going to get almost all the monsters that we have seen in the previous season which obviously includes mike and Sulley, we however may not see a lot of Tylor. For any more character introductions, we will have to wait till the trailer comes out.

Monsters At Work Season 2 Trailer

As we all know, the second season has been confirmed, however, the trailer hasn’t been out yet, and the previous season’s trailer, you can check it out on the YouTube platform.

Where Can We Watch Monsters At Work Season 2?

Whenever it comes out, the second season will be released weekly on the television channel of Disney and at the same time will be available for streaming on the Disney platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a second season of Monsters At Work?

Yes, the second season of the show is confirmed.

3. How many Monsters At Work season are there?

As of now there is only a single season.

2. Will there be a Monsters Inc 2?

No, the Monsters Inc movie series has been continued as a series.

4. Will Boo return in Monsters At Work?

No according to the makers Boo won’t make an appearance in this show.

5. Has Monster At work ended?

No the series has not ended yet, as season 2 is on the verge of coming.

6. How old is Boo from Monsters Inc?

Boo is only 2 years old.

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