David Muir Partner: What Is His Relationship Status Now?

David Muir is probably one of the most famous and successful journalists having a huge fan base. He is an anchor, journalist, and managing director of ABC News. ABC News is one of the largest broadcast television networks in New York City and David Muir is a big name on the network. People love his anchoring and the way he presents his debate and views on various social matters. It is said that his research on all political and social matters is fully packed and well-presented which is why the public loves this journalist so much.

When it comes to David Muir you can call him more of a celebrity journalist. He has won a lot of awards for his work in the journalism industry, he has been in this industry for the last two decades so he is quite an expert. He has won multiple awards for his amazing contribution, some of his awards include winning Emmy multiple times and Edward R Murrow for his incredible journalism over the past years. Here’s what we know about David Muir’s Partner.

The journalist is packed with good looks which is why even at the age of 48 he has been listed in People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive list which makes him one of the most eligible bachelors. Smart, successful, famous, you name it and David Muir has it all to become an eligible bachelor. For his good looks and fame, David is known to have an incredible fan base, and especially women are always seen crushing over David Muir and always interested to know about his dating life. So if you are a David Muir admires here is what you need to know about his dating life and his partner.

David Muir Partner

David Muir Partner

David Muir has been very private about his personal life. He has never spoken anything about his previous or current relationships, but one thing is for sure he has never been married previously, and right now it doesn’t seem that the anchor/ journalist has any plans of getting married. Even, the current relationship of David Muir is known to be single.

Although the famous journalist has been linked with some other names in his field sometimes. Even after being a famous journalist, he has never been linked to any actress, it has always been his colleagues with whom he shared a close bond. So let us have a look at some of David’s ex-partners and relationships.

David Muir And Gio Benitez

David Muir was rumored to be dating his colleague Gio Benitez in 2015. Gio Benitez is also one of the journalists from ABC News. The rumors started when both of them were seen together at social events and frequently visiting gay bars together. Both of them ever commented anything about their relationship with each other.

It was just speculated on the basis of their appearances together at different social events. During those times, both of them seemed to be close to each other. However, Gio Benitez got engaged in the same year on 17 September 2015 with his boyfriend Tommy DiDario. The news of Gio’s engagement was a full stop to the rumors relating to David Muir and Gio Benitez.

10th April 2016 Gio Benitez married his boyfriend Tommy DiDario in an intimate ceremony in Miami, Florida at Walton’s house. Close friends and family of the couple were invited to the wedding. However, it is not known if David Muir attended the wedding or not.

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David Muir And Kate Dries

In the same year, David Muir was rumored to be dating another colleague Kate dries. However, the relationship was confirmed by Kate Dries herself when she wrote an article related to her relationship and mentioned David Muir as her boyfriend. The article was all praises of David Muir. She mentioned that she felt an instant connection with David the first time she met him and there was some spark and chemistry between them from the beginning.

Well, this article confirmed that both of them were dating and the relationship looked pretty serious. She also mentions how important she is in David’s life. The article included all the good things about David Muir and how madly she is in love with him.

It is still not known if the article was fake or real, both of them ever commented or bothered to clarify if the article was fake so it can be assumed that kate Dries actually wrote the article. It is not known when and why the couple split up, their break up was assumed when both of them stopped making public appearances together.

David Muir Sexuality

David Muir Partner

People are often confused about David Muir being straight, gay, or bisexual. Although the journalists never informed him anything about his sexuality neither had he hinted anything regarding the topic. But it is believed that David Muir might be bi-sexual or gay. People started thinking of him as gay when rumors of him dating his colleagues Geo Benitez started surfacing and he was seen attending gay bars with him. Currently, it doesn’t seem like the 48-year-old journalist has any plans of coming out about his sexuality so all we can do is assume.

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David Muir’s Net Worth

David Muir is one of the most popular and famous journalists in the USA. And his total net worth is approximately 20,000,000 U.S. dollars. Well, his hard work pays him this much of an amount and he deserves it. He has been an anchor and journalist for many popular TV channels in the US. And now in this article, you will get to know more about him and his personal life full David is a very family person and likes to keep his life private but we cannot deny the fact that on the other hand, he is a social personality. He has also a big fan following, the fans want to know more about his favorite celebrity and for some of them, he is an inspiration as well.

David Muir Early Life

The American journalist was born on November 8 1973 in Syracuse, New York City, US. He was born into a Roman Catholic family having one older and two younger step-siblings. He has six nephews and three nieces. He wanted to become a journalist since he was a child. He used to watch the ABC News Flagship Program and considered Peter Jennings as his greatest influence in the journalism world.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree of Arts in journalism from Ithaca College after which he went to Spain for his studies. It is said that his professor from Ithaca college always said that he has what it takes to be a good journalist. This shows that David Muir has always been passionate about being a journalist. In his family background, no one has ever been a journalist so we might wonder where this passion came from because it is definitely not because of his genes.

David Muir Career

David Muir Partner

David Muir started his career in 1994 as a reporter at WTVH-TV. He worked with the company till 2000 during which he was honored as the best anchor of a local newscast by the Syracuse Press Club. After 2000 he worked as an anchor and reporter on WCVB television, in Boston for the next three years. During these three years, he was awarded the Edward R Murrow award. One of his most recognized works includes tracing the hijacker’s part on September 11, 2001 attack.

It was in 2003 that Muir finally joined ABC news. He used to be an anchor for the news program World News Now on the network channel. After his success as an anchor in the World News Program, he became an anchor for the morning news telecast as well which was known as World News This Morning. After working with ABC news he started getting famous for his style of anchoring and presenting the news. He soon became the Managing Director of the network as well and he is currently the Managing Director and anchor of ABC news.

In today’s world, David Muir is not just national fame but also an international journalist who is famous across the world and known for his best work in the journalism world. His dedication to journalism and sensitivity toward different social issues is what sets them apart from other journalists across the world. He might have started slow but today he is an inspiration to many aspiring journalists who aim to become big and well-established names.

He has been honored with many awards and titles during the twenty years of his career and even after serving twenty years of his life in journalism he has no plans to stop. He has always mentioned that journalism has been his biggest passion and he always wanted to be a journalist, it is like a dream come true for him. Looking at his passion for his work we don think David Muir is really interested in relationships and dating. Although a lot of his fans want him to settle down and find the love of his life and we hope he fulfills his fans’ wishes. But for now, he is single and there are no rumors of David being involved with anyone in recent times.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the net worth of David Muir?

He has a net worth of $20,000,000.

What is the age of David Muir?

He is 49 years old.

What is the profession of David Muir?

He is an American journalist and anchor.

When was David Muir started his career?

His career started in 1994.

When was David Muir joined ABC?

He joined ABC in 2003.

Where was David Muir born?

He was born in New York City.

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