Is Yumi’s Cells Season 3 Release Date Out Or Cancelled?

South Korean television program Yumi’s Cells debuted in 2021. Lee Sang-yeob was the director of this grand tale. It is a cell-based psychological romance that explores Yumi’s daily existence as an everyday office worker through the perspective of the cells in her head and is based on the same-named webtoon. On September 17, 2021, tvN broadcast the first episode of the series. It airs every Friday and Saturday at 22:50. (KST).

Additionally, it was made available at the same time on TVing and iQIYI, two internet streaming platforms. TVING stated on September 8, 2021, that more than 160 nations, including Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia, have purchased the drama’s broadcast rights. Yumi’s Cells, a South Korean drama, won over viewers’ hearts with its appealing cast, gorgeous titular character, and fun romance-comedy premise.

Yumi’s Cells Season 3 Release Date

Members of the cast announced the second season in a farewell clip after the first season concluded in October. Season 2 of Yumi’s Cells will debut in June. The production team released a sweet pink poster to share the news. Yumi is depicted on the poster along with her writing cell and prime cell. The love cell appears content in the poster, whilst the writing cell appears mature.

The new hairdo for Yumi is also depicted on the poster. A new romantic chapter in Yumi’s life is hinted at in the recently released poster. The release date for Yumi’s Cells Season 3 has not yet been disclosed. We will update this page as soon as the release date is announced.

Yumi’s Cells Season 1 Release DateSeptember 17, 2021
Yumi’s Cells Season 2 Release DateJune 10, 2022
Yumi’s Cells Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Yumi’s Cells Season 3 Release Date

But from our prediction, if the show gets renewed sometime at the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023, you can expect the show to hit the screens at the end of 2023 or in 2024. The shooting of the show has also not begun yet, so we have to wait until any updates are given.

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Yumi’s Cells Season 2 Recap

Yumi’s Cells Season 3

We will see people like Yumi Kim, a shy girl who enjoys writing, in Yumi’s Cells Seasons. All of her cells, with the exception of the primary cell, are dressed in bright blue outfits. The fused Checkmate Cell is appropriately dressed in black and white, while Love Cell dons a pink and white suit with a heart motif. Writing Cell, her current main cell, is dressed as a green Shakespeare play. Babi, Babi is employed by Yumi’s company in the Marketing Division.

He first met Yumi in a neighborhood park, and even though they were both seeing other people at the time, he subsequently expressed interest in her. After Yumi broke up with Woong, he finally pursued her. He continues to win Yumi over despite her rejection. She finally concedes that she feels something for him. Despite being together, their relationship ended because Babi showed interest in a coworker at his tteokbokki shop. When Ruby and Babi first meet, he is clutching a ring. He marries earlier than Yumi does. Eda, a friend, and coworker of Yumi. While she is now married to someone else, she once had a crush on Babi.

Once tells Eda that she likes Babi as well, she was not on friendly terms with Yumi, but after Yumi apologizes, they reconcile. Dark green outfits are worn by her cells. Woong, Wook’s friend, and Yumi’s ex-boyfriend. After consenting to go on a blind date, she started seeing him, but they subsequently broke up. Yumi associates Woong with dumplings. He tries to rebuild his relationship with Yumi, but it is ineffective because Yumi started dating Babi.

Dark blue outfits are worn by his cells. The editor in charge of Yumi’s writing is Soonrok, who is also Yumi’s current lover. Soonrok reveals his love for her during an unplanned overnight stay, and they begin dating. He is the one for Yumi. They both travel to Jeju Island. He is three years Yumi’s junior and affectionately calls her “Nuna” (a phrase used by younger boys to refer to elder females or older sisters).

Yumi’s Cells Season 3 Story

The tale of Yumi, a regular office worker, is told from the perspective of the numerous brain cells that govern her thoughts, feelings, and behavior. The second season begins where the first one left off, with Yumi and Woong no longer together. The first episode demonstrates Yumi’s and her cells’ attempts to put their emotional split with Woong behind them.

Yoo Babi [Park Jinyoung], who played the second lead and was one of the most heart-stopping relationships in season 1, now assumes the lead role as the new love interest. Episode 2 gets off to a pleasant start with Babi admitting his desire to date Yumi, who initially rejects him but eventually begins to warm up to him. Episode 1 deals with the post-heartbreak moments. Kim Go Eun reverts to the role of Kim Yumi. She deals with life and emotions one step at a time, just like every other modern woman. Her emotions are all over the place because she recently experienced a breakup.

The most important thing is what will happen in the third season of the story if it’s renewed. Well, as we saw season 2 end ended in a cliffhanger about Yu-Love mi’s Cell relationship. This means in season 3 we could see Yu-Love mi’s Cell relationships moving forward and Yu-Love mi’s Cell finally meeting the love of life. You may also see some relationships, breakups, ups, and downs. But, overall the third season of the show will make Yu-Love mi’s Cell meet the love of life.

Yumi’s Cells Season 2 Cast

Yumi’s Cells Season 3 Release Date

There’s no doubt that the cast of the show is the main reason why the show has gained enormous popularity. You might be wondering who will return for season 3 of the show. Well, there’s a guarantee that the main lead of the show will return. In the second season of the show, Bobby Yoo is portrayed by Jin Young, Kim Go-Eun portrays Kim Yu-Mi, Ruby is played by Lee Yoo-Bi, Ahn Bo-Hyun portrays Koo Woong, Mi-Ram Portrays  Yi-Da, Joo Jong-Hyuk portrays Louis, Nam Joo-Hyuk as Jung Soon-Won, Kwon Seung-Woo portrays Kang Han-Byeol, Bonnie Lee, played by Kim Cha-Yoon.

There are great chances that the cast mentioned above will return for a third season.

Where To Watch Yumi’s Cells Online?

The first two seasons of the show have already gained so much popularity that season 3 is going to be obvious. Many of you have already watched it and many of you want to watch it. Well, Yumi’s cells are only available in selected territories. You can watch all the episodes of the first two seasons on Viki.

Yumi’s Cells Season 3 Trailer

As mentioned the third season of Yumi’s cells has not been released yet. There still has been no official announcement regarding season 3 of the show. So, we will have to wait for the trailer for season 3 until it gets renewed. If the show is expected to release sometime in 2023 you might see the trailer for the show three to four months before it finally hits the screen.


Well, guys, I know this is very disheartening for you all to know about the third season of Yumi’s Cells as there is no confirmation regarding this. But for those who have not yet watched the previous two seasons of this show, we have something.

Guys, when we have not watched any show or movie, the very first thing that we do is check the ratings of that particular show or movie. And then we decide whether the show is good or bad, ratings of any show or movie help to prepare us in terms of what we can expect and what we cannot. So, here you can see the analytical data of season one of Yumi’s Cells. The show has 8.2 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

Will there ever be Yumi’s Cells Season 3?

The show is yet to be officially renewed.

What is Yumi’s Cells Season 3 Release Date?

It is not yet been announced by the makers.

Is Yumi’s Cells finished?

Yes, Yumi finally is at the end of her book.

How many seasons are there in Yumi’s Cells series?

Till now, the show has a total of 2 seasons.

Where can I watch Yumi’s Cells?

You can watch the previous seasons of Yumi’s Cells on Viki.

When was the second season of Yumi’s Cells released?

It was released on 10 June 2022.

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