Carl Crawford Net Worth Hasn’t Seen A Decline Even After Retirement!

Fame and controversies run parallel to each other, don’t they? Carl Crawford, a baseball legend is no stranger to that fact. He has led quite an interesting life so far with a stellar career and spicy controversies. He is probably the most popular because of his nickname, The Perfect Storm.

Indeed, he is a ruthless storm that achieves whatever he sets his eyes on. Be it baseball, football, music, or anything else, Crawford has conquered each field successfully. Let’s talk about this star today, starting with shedding light on Carl Crawford’s net worth!

Carl Crawford’s Net Worth

In 2002, when Crawford entered the world of baseball, he was just another rookie player. No one thought he would be able to do anything but the same year, he managed to land the title of Devil Rays’ Most Outstanding Rookie. And ever since, he has been proving his worth ever since.

Now, Crawford is a retired baseball player but he is still one of the most popular baseball celebrities. His net worth is estimated to be around 60 to 70 million dollars. Carl has a stellar collection of luxury cars that add to his possessions and are a dream for many people.

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Carl Crawford: A Man Of Immense Talent

Crawford isn’t just a baseball player who has made millions doing so. He has multiple talents as well. You won’t believe Crawford was once planning to become a football player but things didn’t work out for him and he couldn’t let go of his baseball addiction.

Carl isn’t only interested in field sports, he also has a keen interest in hip-hop music. In early 2018, Crawford decided to pursue this interest and arrived in the music industry with a bang. Now, he has established an entertainment firm that promotes talented hip-hop artists. Truly, Crawford is an inspiration for the world or so it appears.

Carl Crawford: Did He Kill His Ex-Girlfriend?

Carl Crawford’s Net Worth

Not only Crawford has tried his hand in several industries, but he has also had multiple relationships as well. He has been involved with several stars including Evelyn Lozada. He shares three children with different women but has never been accused as disloyal or violent before.

Unless one of his girlfriends came forward and filed a lawsuit against Carl. She accused him of trying to kill her in an angry fit but thankfully she escaped him. Though they are keeping everything under a thick veil, we have got to know bits and pieces about this lawsuit. We know how Carl’s alleged girlfriend has claimed that he has no control over his anger.

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Carl Crawford Stuck Again In A Controversy

All the rap lovers know about the leading rap star Megan Thee Stallion, right? The epitome of energy and vibrancy, Megan, has made multiple headlines. One such headline she caused involved Carl Crawford in vivid detail. She accused him of making her work for free and throwing random accusations at her. Stallion even went as far as accusing him of being a drug addict.

All of this began when Stallion signed with another record and suddenly a Twitter war broke out. She expressed her experience with Crawford, stating that she wanted an out and Carl’s label wasn’t granting her that. Both of them resolved to profanity and accused each other of several things. Their lawsuit is still going on and so is their Twitter war.

How Is Carl Crawford Involved In The Pool Accident?

Carl Crawford’s Net Worth

Carl has been getting involved in several controversies this decade. Some because of his fault, some accidental. One latest controversy, he got himself involved in was a lawsuit and a death. Kasen Hersi and Bethany Lartigue drowned in Carl’s pool accidentally. Though we all know it was an accident, Kasen’s mother has demanded 1 million dollars from Carl.

He is convicted of being neglectful towards the pool premises. Kasen’s mother believes that the accident could have been avoided had Carl ensured some safety measures. Crawford has expressed his grief and has claimed that he will always keep the dead in his prayers. The result of the lawsuit isn’t yet out.

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Carl Crawford: FAQs

1. Who Is Carl Crawford?

Crawford is a popular retired American baseball player.

2. How Much Is Carl Crawford’s Net Worth?

His net worth is estimated to be around 60 to 70 million dollars even after his retirement.

3. Did Carl Crawford Kill His Ex-Girlfriend?

No, he didn’t kill her. But he is amid a domestic violence lawsuit with her.

4. Did Carl Crawford Win The Domestic Violence Lawsuit?

No, he hasn’t won the lawsuit yet.

5. Did Carl Crawford Push Kasen Hersi In The Pool?

No, he didn’t push him into the pool.

6. Where Is Carl Crawford Now?

Crawford is currently residing in his home in Houston. Though there are speculations that he is in a prison, they are all false.

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