Is Patrick Stewart Gay? What Is His Sexuality?

Sir Patrick Stewart OBE (born July 13, 1940) is a renowned English actor who has been working steadily in the entertainment industry for the past seven decades. Olivier, Tony, Golden Globe, Emmy, and SAG nominations have all been submitted for him. On December 16, 1996, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2010 for his contributions to the theater.

Is Patrick Steward Gay?

Is Patrick Stewart Gay

Let it be known that Patrick Stewart is not gay. He tied the knot with longtime sweetheart Sunny Ozell last October, with pal Ian McKellen serving as officiant. After Stewart, 73, commended actress Ellen Page for coming out over the weekend, the Guardian in the United Kingdom incorrectly outed him as gay on Monday. Columnist Jane Czyzselska wrote about Page’s coming out with their own definition of gay, and Patrick supported that, which created a mess in the audience’s mind that he might be gay.

Ellen Page came out as gay over the weekend, and many people in the entertainment industry, including Sir Patrick Stewart, were happy for her. Last Friday, the 26-year-old Juno actress came out as gay at a convention for LGBT teens in Las Vegas. She said she was “tired of hiding” and “lying by omission.”A commentator for The Guardian wrote, “Some gay individuals, such as Sir Patrick Stewart, think Page’s coming-out speech is newsworthy.”

The paper published an amendment saying, “This should have read, “Some people, including Sir Patrick Stewart, think Page’s coming-out speech is newsworthy.” which was the proper version. The media and his followers falsely assumed he was gay because of these actions. Sir Patrick Stewart may seem gay, but the truth is that he’s heterosexual. He has settled into wedded bliss, and he has no plans to pursue any more romantic partnerships.

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Patrik’s Personal Life

Having previously been married twice, Patrick Stewart is currently married to his third wife, Sunny Ozell. He married Sheila Falconer in 1966, and the couple divorced in 1990. In 2000, the second Stewart married Wendy Neuss; they divorced the following year.

He has remarried and is now living with his third wife, a woman named Sunny Ozell. Their 2013 wedding is still going strong. Patrick Stewart thinks she’s a great partner, so that says a lot. Stewart and Sheila Falconer even had two children together.

Patrick Stewart is obviously neither bisexual nor gay. If you’re wondering about Patrick Stewart’s sexual orientation, he’s a straight guy.

Early Life Of Patrick Stewart

On July 13, 1940, in Mirfield, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, Stewart was born to Gladys (née Barrowclough), a weaver and textile worker, and Alfred (also a weaver and textile worker) Stewart (1905–1980). His older brothers, Geoffrey (1933) and Trevor (1935), are his predecessors in the family tree. In the 1980s, when he was still active in the professional world, he went by the name his parents never gave him: Hewes.

Growing up in and around Jarrow was crucial to Stewart’s development. His father routinely beat him as a child, and this trauma informed his later political and intellectual beliefs. Aside from his official duties as a regimental sergeant major in the British Army during World War II, Alfred Stewart also performed manual labour and delivered mail. Stewart’s dad came home from the war, notably the Dunkirk evacuation, with what was dubbed “battle fatigue” (related to what is now known as post-traumatic stress disorder).

In the wake of that, he began looking for his meaning of life through how he can develop in his career.

At the Theatre Royal, Bristol (for the Bristol Old Vic Company) on May 19, 1959, under the direction of John Hale, Stewart made his professional acting debut in Cyrano de Bergerac as Cutpurse (a robber in the audience for the play-within-the-play). When Stewart was done with his stint at the Library Theatre in Manchester, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1966, where he remained until 1982. They hired him as an associate artist in 1967. In films, he acted alongside stars like Ben Kingsley and Ian Richardson.

He made his television debut in the role of a fire officer in the British soap opera Coronation Street in January 1967. In episode six of Sir Kenneth Clark’s Civilization TV series from 1969, he made a brief appearance as Horatio alongside Ian Richardson’s Hamlet in a reenactment of the gravedigger scene. In the early 1980s, he relocated to the Royal National Theatre after making his Broadway debut as Snout in Peter Brook’s acclaimed production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Stewart had appearances in numerous popular TV shows over the years, but he never became a household name. He was Claudius in the 1980 BBC production of Hamlet, Karla in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Vladimir Lenin in The Fall of the Eagles. In 1975, he starred as the leading actor in the BBC production of North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. In 1981, he starred as psychiatric consultant Dr. Edward Roebuck on the BBC’s Maybury. He went on to portray supporting roles in movies including John Boorman’s Excalibur (1981), David Lynch’s Dune (1984), and Tobe Hooper’s Lifeforce (1986).

Stewart, a fan of classical theatre who questioned Doctor Who actress Lalla Ward about her decision to engage in science fiction and television, stated his preference for the form. After being spotted by Robert H. Justman at a UCLA literary reading in 1987, he volunteered to work on a Star Trek revival in Hollywood. Stewart had no idea how pervasive Star Trek was in American popular culture or how much of an icon it had become. Though he was initially hesitant to accept the normal deal of six years, he ultimately did so because he, his agent, and others with whom Stewart spoke were all convinced that the new program would rapidly flop and that he would return to his London stage career once he had made enough money. In order to avoid confusion with another Patrick Stewart who was already a member of the Screen Actors Guild, he briefly used the middle name “Hewes” while in Hollywood.

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Patrick Steward- FAQs

Are Patrick Steward and Ian McKellen best friends?

Yes, they are still best friends.

For which of his work Patrick Steward be known?

Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of his finest works.

What is the net worth of Patrick Steward?

His net worth is almost $75 Million.

How old is Patrick Steward?

He is 82 years old.

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