Is Coroner Season 6 Release Date Going To Be Announced?

All eyes are stuck on the sixth installment of Coroner! But hey there did you know the show is canceled? Well, that’s not our quoted statements but many sources out there think the same. Ever since one of the lead cast members backed out from the show, the future of Coroner season 5 and season 6 became highly blurry to us. Will the show survive without Serinda Swan? That’s the most asked question out there. Her sudden exit from the show heavily shocked the fans of Coroner. To date, we have only seen four seasons of Coroner and we are still waiting to binge on Coroner season 5. Similarly, the audience is also guessing whether the show will return with Season 6 or not. 

Coroner Season 6- Renewed or Cancelled?

Coroner Season 6 Release Date

As of now, we haven’t received any updates on the release date of Coroner season 5, thus the renewal of Coroner is still on hold. Whether the production team will come back with a few more seasons of Coroner or not is still not clear to us. The renewal of the show highly depends on the previous ratings of Coroner. How popular was Coroner season 4? Well, the previous season of the show failed to attract us. The haphazard storyline of Coroner season 4 failed to impress us and thus the overall ratings of the show went down. To some extent, Coroner season 4 was a disappointment! This has worried the fans out there. 

The renewal of Coroner season 6 highly depends on the plotline of Coroner season 5. Only if they manage to impress us with season 5, we might consider watching season 6! Moreover, we haven’t received any cancellation updates on Coroner season 6, so we are considering the show is not canceled yet. The crime drama series might have lost its popularity a bit, but we cannot overlook the fact that the show was once regarded as a hit crime drama series. The CBC network audience loves the show a lot, Coroner has got a strong fanbase, so there is still a bit of hope for the renewal of the show. Let’s hope the show gets back on track.

Name of the ShowCoroner
Season NumberSeason 6
GenreCrime Drama
Coroner Season 1 Release Date7 January 2019
Coroner Season 6 Release DateNot Announced Yet

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Coroner Season 6 – Release Date Announced?

Don’t listen to the rumors out there since Coroner season 6 is still two-three years away from us. We are keeping our hopes low since the future of Coroner season 5 is yet not known to us. We don’t know what might happen with the show, will it return to the CBC network? Will they continue the show beyond Season 5?

Is the CBC network interested in continuing the show? There are a bunch of rumors around the fifth and sixth installments of Coroner. Some say the show is canceled while others say the show has been renewed. But as of now, we haven’t heard much about the release date of Coroner season 6. If the fifth installment of the show is released next year, then we might get a release date for Coroner Season 6. Going by this timeline, Coroner season 6 might roll out in late 2024. 

Get A Quick Overview Of Coroner

Coroner Season 6 Release Date

It all revolves around Dr. Jenny Cooper! The TV series Coroner is based on the novel series penned by M. R. Hall. The show comes with a blend of mystery, suspense, adventure, love, and grief! It all started when Dr. Jenny’s husband passed away, that’s when the real struggle began for her. Her perfect fairytale world crumbled down as she was left alone with her teenage boy.

But don’t you dare think she is weak! She knows how to stand up again. This is her journey of growing up into an excellent investigator. Before dying, her husband left some suspicious mysteries behind him. Jenny must solve all the mysteries, she must find out the reason behind her husband’s death. Her journey is filled with risky obstacles, but she cannot give up that easily, she has to survive for her son!

Serinda Swan Says Goodbye To Coroner

The lead member of Coroner, the one whom we have loved as Jenny Cooper decided to leave the show forever! Yes, the announcement broke a thousand hearts out there. Serinda Swan is planning to focus on other creative projects, she is ready to try her luck on other shows and movies. Leaving Coroner was a critical decision for her, especially when she knows the show won’t survive without her, after all, she is the main figure of the TV series! Her exit from the show disappointed us, we didn’t see that coming. All eyes are stuck on the directors of the show, let’s hope we soon get more updates on Coroner season 5 and season 6. 

Ratings & Reviews

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Coroner Season 6- FAQs

Q1. What is the reason behind the cancelation of Coroner Season 6?

Well, till now it is not been officially announced, but it is said that the BBC wanted to give opportunities to the new shows.

Q2. Why did Campbell leave Coroner?

He heard some racist words on the set that’s why he decided not to come back to the show.

Q3. Where can I watch Coroner?

You can watch Coroner on The CW, Spectrum Tv, and Prime Video.

Q4. Will season 5 of this show be canceled?

Till now, we have no information regarding this.

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